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Tamil in a sentence

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Sentence count:89Posted:2017-02-17Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: vitamincontaminatemesopotamiacontaminationfamilyfamiliarfamilialunfamiliarMeaning: n. 1. a member of the mixed Dravidian and Caucasian people of southern India and Sri Lanka 2. the Dravidian language spoken since prehistoric times by the Tamil in southern India and Sri Lanka. adj. of or relating to a speaker of the Tamil language or the language itself. 
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1) Memories of the 1983 riots, when thousands of Tamils were butchered in Colombo, are lively.
2) Despite the Hinduism of most Tamils and the Buddhism of most Sinhalese, they coexisted for those two millennia without much hostility.
3) The three major groups were the Sinhalese, Tamils and Moors.
4) Any proposals to grant rights to the Tamils have to get the prior approval of Buddhist monks.
5) The Tamil Tigers have had a political wing since 1976,( but never registered it as a legal party.
6) Without influence in Delhi or among the Tamils she was powerless to sway events.
7) Tamils and Sinhalese have lived together on the island for 2,000-odd years.
8) Tamils felt deprived of access to government and of their traditional route to advancement, jobs in the civil service.
9) The failure to treat Tamils properly has carried a fearsome price.
10) Over 100 more Tamils were reportedly killed in further reprisals against refugee camps and villages on Aug. 12-14.
11) A Tamil film without songs is a rare exception.
12) Borrowing from Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Tamil and Peranakan cuisines, the food in Singapore is as multi-cultural and unique as the island (and microstate) itself.
13) It alleges that Tamil paramilitary groups affiliated to the government have unfettered access.
14) English, Mandarin and Chinese dialects, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi and Thai are widely used in the country.
15) Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers said that the government military intelligence wing had breached a three - year - old ceasefire.
16) Nationalist Sinhalese leaders passed a number of chauvinistic laws that discriminated against Tamils in the fields of language, education and employment.
17) Mr Premadasa tried to close the gap between Sinhalese and Tamils.
18) The legal profession served as a means of upward social mobility for Burghers, Sinhalese and Tamils.
19) Sri Lanka's army did the same after defeating the Tamil Tigers in 2009.
20) The Sri Lankan army said it had designated a "safe zone" for civilians as it presses ahead with its offensive against the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in the north of the country.
21) Conferences are hosted in various cities in India, asas world cities with a significant Tamil population.
22) The wedding actually took place at a Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu state, with the dog bride wearing an orange sari and flowers.
23) An already highly militarised country is to become even more so, with soldiers deployed everywhere to nip any reborn Tamil nationalist insurgency in the bud.
24) In Sri Lanka, in January, President Mahinda Rajapakse formally scrapped a cease-fire agreement that had been signed in 2002 with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
25) A Sinhalese - chauvinist government suits Mr Prabhakaran, helping bolster Tamil support for the Tigers.
26) The project works in 12 villages in India's rural Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states.
27) Sri Lanka, for example, strongly pressured the UN to try to quash a UN advisory panel on accountability for war crimes committed during its armed conflict with the Tamil Tigers.
28) Reuters reported that the storm was expected to impact the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, and that fishing communities in coastal lowlands would be especially hard hit.
29) The Unicode Text Segmentation Algorithms, covering sentences, words, and characters, were greatly enhanced to improve the processing of Tamil and other Indic languages.
30) After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Bulgaria sold the guns to rebels in Congo, Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers and the Hutu militia, which was responsible for the Rwandan genocide.
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