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Beadle in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-03-29Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: dead lettercradledeadlyheadlinedeadlinedeadlockbreadlinethreadlikeMeaning: ['biːdl]  n. 1. a minor parish official who serves as an usher and preserves order at services 2. United States biologist who discovered how hereditary characteristics are transmitted by genes (1903-1989). 
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1. A very beadle to a humorous sigh.
2. It was, in fact, Mr Bumble the beadle, Oliver's old enemy.
3. Then it's time for the adoration of Jeremy Beadle - for Beadle is about in Bognor today as guest of honour.
4. Under the Captaincy of Fred Beadle the brigade took part in many competitions winning many trophies, individual as well as for team events.
5. They were in the custody of the court beadle who lived some distance away.
6. The Presbytery appoints the beadle of the parish to summond him pro secundo.
7. Discreet chorales endorse the beadle, who gathers cash on a wooden plate.
8. 'You're a kind-hearted woman, Mrs Corney, 'said the beadle.
9. Beadle: Not for me to say, sir.
10. Are you in there still, Beadle , Beadle ?
11. 'Stand a little away from him, Beadle, ' said the other magistrate: laying aside the paper, and leaning forward with an expression of interest.
12. The beadle is not superior to the universal human infirmity , but hopes to read in print what "Mooney, the active and intelligent beadle of the district, " said and did.
13. They always sent their beadle the day before to say they were coming.
14. The grim beadle now made a gesture with his staff.
15. 'Hold your tongue, Beadle, ' said the second old gentleman, when Mr. Bumble had given vent to this compound adjective.
16. Preceded by the beadle, and attended by an irregular procession of stern-browed men and unkindly-visaged women, Hester Prynne set forth towards the place appointed for her punishment.
17. 'I despise 'em, ' said the beadle, growing very red in the face.
18. In the absence of the active and intelligent beadle, the Coroner conversed with Mr. Tulkinghorn.
19. Beadle:a minor parish official formerly employed in an English church to usher and keep order during services.
20. The beadle, a parish officer responsible for persuading householders to do their duty as jurors at such inquests, has assembled 12 men.
21. In1941, George Wells Beadle and Edward Lawrie Tatum showed that mutationsin genes caused errors in certain steps in metabolic pathways.
22. To his critics he's Jeremy Beadle with a degree in anthropology.
23. The feeling of contentment produced by gin-and-water had now disappeared, and the beadle was in a bad mood once more.
23. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
24. Oliver made a bow, which was divided between the beadle on the chair, and the cocked hat on the table.
25. He was a large, fat man, and very proud of his hat, which showed the world that he was a most important official. It was, in fact, Mr Bumble the beadle, O liver's old enemy.
26. Mr. Snagsby's suggestion is the practical suggestion after all, and the beadle must be called in.
27. The Bishopsent for him, reproved him gently, and appointed him beadle in the cathedral.
28. 'Do you know where the poor boy is now? 'Mr Brown low asked, when the beadle had explained the reason for his visit.
29. They grew trays upon trays of colonies of Neurospora in a common growth medium. Then Beadle and Tatum bombarded every colony with X-rays, which were known to accelerate genetic mutations.
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