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Filament in a sentence

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Sentence count:159Posted:2017-03-29Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: fibrilfilumstrandSimilar words: lamentlamentablelamentablylamentationfourteenth amendmentamendmentfirst amendmentfulfillmentMeaning: ['fɪləmənt]  n. 1. a very slender natural or synthetic fiber 2. the stalk of a stamen 3. a threadlike structure (as a chainlike series of cells) 4. a thin wire (usually tungsten) that is heated white hot by the passage of an electric current. 
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(1) The working part of a filament lamp is a metal coil which glows white hot.
(2) Yank on one filament in the web, and the other filaments had to move, too.
(3) Filament density steady and tensile force.
(4) Average filament tensile force and good integrity.
(5) Tungsten filament are used to radiate light.
(6) Thin kelp is cut grow about 1 centimeter filament.
(7) Tropomyosin adds structural rigidity to the thin filament.
(8) Thomas Edison filament lamp, made important contribution to science.
(9) Results The nuclear matrix - lamina - intermediate filament fine network remained after selective extraction.
(10) Then taking some foreign filament warper for reference, and incorporating our home conditions in China, the research of control system design for the filament warper is made.
(11) Med-high boiling rate polyester filament was produced on FDY standard spinning machine with fiber grade PET chip made in China.
(12) I can see clearly that the filament in the bulb is broken.
(13) Since the filament is coiled[], the increase of the filament current will consequently induces a larger electromagnetic force between the coils. We calculate the electromagnetic force of in...
(14) Diamond film was coated by the hot filament chemical vapor deposition method.
(15) The technology of producing denier PA 6 filament discussed. The details for process is parameters are given.
(16) The filament winding using the new method was accurate and reliable in the string pattern.
(17) Correlation is negative at the 0.05 level with Filament size and Skein ratio.
(18) The thread in the corolla is the short filament of a degenerated stamen.
(19) The snake makes it wriggle so that the apparently disembodied filament appears to be some kind of succulent worm.
(20) As soon as that happens, the spider stops spinning, turns round, pulls the filament tight and secures it on her side.
(21) The other two sources of light are the ordinary, filament light bulb and fluorescent tubes.
(22) The bulb had obviously been hit hard soas to break its filament, to ensure no warning light came on.
(23) From one of her spinnerets, she extrudes a thin filament of silk.
(24) The light fabric usually manufactured from fine number yarns and filament with little denier.
(25) Stamens ca. 3 mm, papillate -hairy on lower part of filament.
(26) Hypha (pl. hyphae) In fungi, a fine nonphotosynthetic tubular filament that spreads to form a loose network termed a mycelium or aggregates into fruiting bodies (e. g. toadstools).
(27) Basifixed Stamens in which the anther lobes are attached at their base to the filament, and are not capable of independent movement. Compare dorsifixed; versatile.
(28) The building and improvement of the test methods of ECDP filament tenacity loss were expounded emphasise.
(29) Cold cathode sensing tubes are more rugged than the glass, hot - filament tubes.
(30) An electric light passes electricity through material called a filament or wire.
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