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Stereopsis in a sentence

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1. Objective To investigate the affection of anisometropia on stereopsis and its mechanism.
2. Conclusion It is demonstrated that this stereopsis test system has the same accuracy as TNO stereogram, it can be applied to clinical examination and experimental study.
3. Conclusions The stereopsis is related to the function of the visual organ and the visual center. a normalized examination should include quantitatively both distant and near stereopsis .
4. By linking stereopsis and cognition the cognitive response to external stimuli using the electrophysiological method is studied.
5. Objective To design a random-dot stereopsis test system based on computer with single or double screen displaying.
6. The sequential damage of stereopsis in intermittent exotropia is uncrossed disparity, crossed disparity and zero disparity.
6. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
7. Objective: To develop a new type of stereopsis test charts and relevant graph viewing device.
8. Objective To study stereopsis of aged persons and it's influential factors.
9. Objective The stereopsis vision at the different age groups after concomitant extropia operation was studied.
10. In stereopsis, this conundrum is called the correspondence problem.
11. The function of binocular Synergism is not only extending the field of vision, but also more important to obtain the stereopsis .
12. Experiment results show this real-time algorithm is very robust, and can suppress the luminance difference of stereopsis successfully.
13. For binocular visual function, 2.1% had a disturbance in binocular simultaneous perception, 4.3% had defective binocular fusion, and 16.7% had a qualitative stereopsis loss.
14. The low-cost of this RDS test makes it especially suitable for nationwide screening of stereopsis in preschool children.
15. Conclusion: Modulating the operative quantum may improve the success rate of operation for intermittent exotropia on the base of having far stereopsis or not.
16. Objective: To explore the hitching mechanism between the binocular and monocular cues in stereopsis.
17. The clinical observation results and treatment of 162 cases are reported in four aspects: children's vision, eye position, stereopsis and the evolution of anisometropia.
18. Binocular images(FFA or OCT), binocular fusion sense, fusion range, and the nature of stereopsis were examined with a synoptophore.
19. Method:20 normal and 34 ametropic amblyopia children with or without stereopsis were selected, and their VEP was examined by full vision stimulation.
20. Methods The rondon-Dot stereogram and synoptophore were used to examine, the acuity threshold, fusion field and response speed of distant and near stereopsis in 102 subjects with normal aged vision.
21. Random-dot stereograms (RDS) do not have monocular cue in testing stereopsis .
22. AIM: To detect experimental myopia and hyperopic anisometropia, and probe into their effects on stereopsis acuities.
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