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Complacency in a sentence

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Synonym: complacenceself-complacencyself-satisfactionSimilar words: complacentplacein placereplacedisplaceout of placetake placeplacementMeaning: n. the feeling you have when you are satisfied with yourself. 
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1. Doctors have warned against complacency in fighting common diseases.
2. What annoys me about these girls is their complacency - they seem to have no desire to expand their horizons.
3. Be modest in learning , for complacency is the enemy of study.
4. There's no room for complacency if we want to stay in this competition!
5. Conceit and complacency are the archenemy of unity.
6. Complacency is a drawback to progress.
7. His early success as a writer led to complacency and arrogance.
8. There's no room for complacency; we must continue to try to improve.
9. that complacency is at the root of our troubles.
10. She warned that there was no room for complacency on inflation.
11. Complacency could easily result in tragedy.
12. He accused the government of slackness and complacency.
13. She swept in, with her complacency.
14. She tried to struggle her complacency,but she couldn't help laughing.
15. Such complacency is costing the company dear.
16. Complacency on the part of the home owner is the most disturbing factor in domestic security.
17. This acts as an excellent safeguard against complacency without the gloom and doom which tends to accompany mistakes.
18. The mythical opponents, Vishnu representing complacency and preservation and Siva symbolizing change and metamorphosis, gain another perspective in the light of physics.
19. This experience should serve others as a warning against complacency.
20. Setbacks can be a good thing, forcing you out of your complacency.
21. Despite yesterday's win, there is clearly no room for complacency if the team want to stay top of the league.
21. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
22. Despite signs of an improvement in the economy, there is no room for complacency.
23. The team manager has been quick to clamp down on the merest hint of complacency.
24. With the state of national economy so serious I see no reason for the government's complacency.
25. But that does not breed the slightest hint of complacency as the 31-year-old Ballinascreen clubman prepares for the All Ireland final.
26. A man divided can not allow himself the luxury of complacency.
27. For most of us, hopefully, the outlook is better, but that should not be a cause for complacency.
28. I have to tell the right hon. Gentleman that indolence, sloth and complacency are not enough.
29. For others there may be a lack of preferment and other problems of staleness and complacency.
30. Mr. Worthington Opposition Members are tired of the current complacency about youth unemployment.
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