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Spindly in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-01-27Updated:2017-01-27
Synonym: lankSimilar words: friendlyspinkindlespineswindlegraspingspinal cordkeep in mindMeaning: adj. long and lean. 
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1 I did have rather spindly legs.
2 The trunks often contort into spindly curves and twists.
3 The plants on the windowsill were spindly and yellowing.
4 When you hit them, you knock out their spindly legs and their big bodies come flying right through your windshield.
5 One, a grade-school boy with spindly arms and legs, rode, unaided, a stationary bicycle.
6 The older trees grow spindly and, their immune systems weakened, fall prey to infestation of beetles and disease.
7 His spindly arms grab on to the statue, and he hoists himself up higher.
8 She sits there, nearly crushing the spindly, modish bench some twee designer has deemed appropriate for business chitchat.
9 It seemed so feeble and spindly floating there next to the toilet paper in the lavatory bowl.
10 Of how the spindly high school youngster had stood up to, among others, Alonzo Mourning.
11 While the talk was loud, the spindly.
12 He was followed by a sallow, spindly lawyer.
13 Their lower bodies are supported by six spindly arachnid limbs and their heavily bandaged torsos are human in form.
14 Their spindly, delicate roots seem just plucked from the earth.
15 I'm so glad I planted that spindly little magnolia tree 20 years ago.
16 The large spindly automatons employ advanced sensors and parallax signal tracing dishes to track down targets.
17 They appeared to have spindly bodies and large overdeveloped heads.
18 General Principles Always, and without fail, remove dead, diseased and ailing wood, and spindly, feeble growth.
19 At the edge of the lawn, one tree stood, a spindly silver maple.
20 The local army base, a corrugated fortress with a spindly camera tower, is pressed right up against a primary school.
21 Choose plants with plenty of lush foliage without any thin, spindly shoots.
22 Records get knocked out in the studio hastily, emerge knock-kneed, spindly, pallid and monochrome.
23 Forest boy, quick of rye, fleet of foot, but pale and spindly and pensive.
24 Most come to see its solid thousand-year-old Saxon tower, decorated with spindly arcading, like half-timbering in stone.
25 Sensationalism is one aspect of America's bigger-is-better, superlative-crazy culture, one that Graham says has never accepted him, a spindly, self-effacing New Englander who doesn't sugarcoat.
26 With increasing of silica content, fiber diameter became fine and spindly beads increased.
27 And on the level vegetable lands are the mile-long rows of pale green lettuce and the spindly little cauliflowers,( the gray-green unearthly artichoke plants.
28 While the talk was loud , the stick was spindly.
29 Late in the afternoon, a monarch butterfly would come and perch like a feather on my face and tickle me awake with its spindly legs.
30 "They're sort of pear-shaped with big hind ends and smaller heads and long spindly legs and antennae, " says Nancy Moran, a geneticist at the University of Arizona.
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