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Septic in a sentence

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Sentence count:73Posted:2016-12-07Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: infectedSimilar words: antisepticskepticisminceptionreceptiondeceptiveperceptiondeceptionexceptionMeaning: ['septɪk]  adj. 1. containing or resulting from disease-causing organisms 2. of or relating to or caused by putrefaction. 
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(1) A dirty cut may go septic.
(2) A tree gone septic where we gouged our initials.
(3) The use of septic tanks or cesspools may have a significant impact on maximum permissible density of dwellings per hectare.
(4) So the sewage goes septic, giving off hydrogen sulphide which corrodes the pipes and makes a nasty smell.
(5) This system is used with a septic tank and soakaway if space is available.
(6) Are plot sizes large enough for septic tanks and soakaways?
(7) Hot flesh pressed close; the septic flesh of his companions.
(8) It was just a septic tank.
(9) A burst septic tank is believed to have triggered the landslide.
(10) Despite the above measures septic shock, regardless of aetiology[], continues to have a mortality of 60-90%.
(11) Everywhere, it was like an over-flowing septic tank or something rotting.
(12) It was in virgin wilderness up north where septic tanks are forbidden.
(13) These become hairless and develop septic sores.
(14) If you have a septic system, where is the drain field?
(15) Without immediate treatment, septic shock follows, with a mortality rate over 50 %.
(16) Septic shock induced by gram negative bacteria is the leading cause of inpatient mortality.
(17) Septic shock is " associated with significant morbidity and mortality. ".
(18) Septic shock often follows a bacterial infection, and is characterized by the overwhelming release of pro-inflammatory cytokines by the body's immune system.
(19) Scarlet fever and septic angina(, also may be caused by streptococcus infection.
(20) Objective To evaluate the treatment of septic arthritis ( SA ) of knee with debridement and drainage arthroscope.
(21) An electrically heated septic tank has been developed.
(22) I had my ears pierced and one of them went septic.
(23) Short of legalizing abortion, lives could be saved if doctors were better trained to deal with septic or incomplete abortions.
(24) At the end of each barracks were latrines, which, like all in the prison, drained into septic tanks.
(25) The presence of multiple peripheral nodules, some of which are cavitary, as well as consolidation and pleural effusions, is very consistent with septic embolic disease.
(26) A flake of plaster from the ceiling fell into his eye, which became septic.
(27) Objective: To investigate the effect of amrinone combined with dopamine on right ventricular dysfunction in patients with septic shock.
(28) Objective To investigate the clinic value of interleukin - 6 ( IL - 6 ) in sepsis and septic shock.
(29) Physiological doses of corticosteroids should be administrated in patients with septic shock who, despite adequate fluid replacement, require vasopressor therapy to maintain adequate blood pressure.
(30) It's fair to say that when an advertisement describes a septic tank as "the best invention since the wheel, " we've begun to take our round, load-bearing companion for granted.
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