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Repercussion in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2016-12-28Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: backlashreboundrecoilreverberationSimilar words: discussionconcussionmissionpassionsessionemissionrecessioncommissionMeaning: [‚rɪːpə(r)'kʌʃn]  n. 1. a remote or indirect consequence of some action 2. a movement back from an impact. 
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1. What repercussions will the war have on the economy?
2. The repercussions of the change in policy will be felt throughout Europe.
3. The collapse of the company had repercussions for the whole industry.
4. Any decrease in tourism could have serious repercussions for the local economy.
5. The reforms had unexpected repercussions.
6. There were serious repercussions on his career.
7. His resignation will have serious repercussions on/for the firm.
8. President Kennedy's assassination had far-reaching repercussions.
9. Changes in the industry had major repercussions for the local community.
10. Human acts have repercussions far beyond the frontiers of the human world.
11. The pay cuts are likely to have serious repercussions on productivity.
12. Repercussions of the case continue to reverberate through the financial world.
13. Furthermore, the unfavourable climate may have repercussions on the general attitudes to the black population in the United Kingdom.
14. Domestic policies have repercussions abroad: external policy can markedly affect a state's internal circumstance.
15. The social repercussions of Emancipation and accelerated economic development gave rise to a range of diverse pressures upon the regime.
16. The president's death had unexpected repercussion.
17. Diagnostician's digit repercussion of percussion.
18. This is probably the biggest repercussion of the calculation.
19. The causes of outpatient drug repercussion were analyzed, and the countermeasure to decrease the events.
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20. It would inevitably evoke a strong repercussion among people from different walks of life.
21. The MP, who is no stranger to controversy herself, said the scandal could have serious repercussions.
22. It was an effort which was to have painful repercussions.
23. Alterations to one element of the Marketing Mix can have repercussions within each category, or elsewhere within the Marketing Mix.
24. He suggested the basic reason for the public clamour over strikes reflects their political repercussions rather than any direct economic impact.
25. A number of alternatives are provided and the user exercises choice between these alternatives which will have social as well as technical repercussions.
26. After being put out, service has received very good market repercussion.
27. I hope to see a day when women and men have the right to just basically walk with each other not be fearful of the repercussion what's gonna happen.
28. The head of the machine consist of electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake, it is characterized with quick repercussion and low noise.
29. Objective To explore the curative effects of Maozhaocao Capsule repercussion of baby after injecting Kajiemiao.
30. Like poets, Virgos have a keen eye for every minute detail, however, their meticulousness may have negligence of larger details, as a possible repercussion.
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