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Lunge in a sentence

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Synonym: attackpushthrustSimilar words: plungelunghungerexpungepungentpungencylunarflunkMeaning: [lʌndʒ]  n. 1. the act of moving forward suddenly 2. (fencing) an attacking thrust made with one foot forward and the back leg straight and with the sword arm outstretched forward. v. make a thrusting forward movement. 
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1. He skipped past the defender's despairing lunge.
2. When he makes a lunge at you, run.
3. The boy made a sudden lunge for his wallet.
4. He made a lunge for the phone.
5. Brad made a lunge towards his opponent, but missed.
6. The burglar made a lunge at him with a knife.
7. So the snake makes its deft, rapid lunge and then immediately withdraws to await results.
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8. The goats lunge at each other with their horns and try to flip each other off the ledge.
9. With each lunge his jaw shot past a plastic cup of coffee which was on the desk.
10. A person standing gives a lunge to the wheelchair, and the body whips around the stage.
11. The basic lunge punch is dropped in favour of the short swift jab or the very fast reverse punch.
12. Joan told me afterward that I attempted to lunge out of bed and attack Feeley.
13. She made a quick lunge across the desk for the call button.
14. He made a lunge at the bully.
15. He is awaiting you at airport lunge.
16. Sliding door variation and then a same foot lunge.
17. The forward lunge of this child is very standard.
18. A face - saving,( halfhearted lunge would follow.
19. The lunge, the fleche and the thrust are the main attacking skills.
20. Winston wriggled himself sideways, and with a violent lunge managed to drive his shoulder between them.
21. We sought to parry the charateristic Soviet lunge with fancy footwork.
22. The attacker knocked on their door and made a lunge for Wendy when she answered.
23. Lewis bided his time in the second round, but his opportunity came when Grant stumbled forward after a clumsy lunge.
24. Instantly the water becomes a maelstrom, as huge grey carp or catfish lunge for the food.
25. Floyd Johnson tried to pull Varney back, but Varney shrugged him off and looked ready to lunge.
26. Keep him on the move until he's dried off - if necessary, lunge him.
27. Rohmer was surprisingly strong, but the impetus of Cardiff's lunge spun him away from the girl.
28. Yet we do what we always do when confronted with a challenge: Lunge for a quick, easy and cosmetic solution.
29. Types of strike 1: The attacker steps forward into the right stance to deliver a right lunge punch.
30. The relationship between horizontal reaction force and vertical reaction force of lunge is significantly positive.
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