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Infinitesimal in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2017-02-09Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: microscopicminuteSimilar words: infinitead infinitumfinitedefinitedefinitelyfinite elementminimalaffinityMeaning: [‚ɪnfɪnɪ'tesɪml]  n. (mathematics) a variable that has zero as its limit. adj. infinitely or immeasurably small. 
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(1) The amounts of radioactivity present were infinitesimal.
(2) In this nascent electronic marketplace only an infinitesimal fraction of business transactions are currently handled on the I-way.
(3) Even an infinitesimal change in temperature will be recorded by the equipment.
(4) All living organisms produce electrical impulses on an infinitesimal scale.
(5) Who knows what infinitesimal variation of brain chemistry might have made Kaczynski susceptible at birth to the hospital trauma nine months later?
(6) A millionth of an inch is an infinitesimal length.
(7) There was an infinitesimal pause.
(8) II Limit --- Reasonability of Infinitesimal Calculus.
(9) Infinitesimal strains cannot yet be recorded.
(10) The body's annual intake of metallic iron is infinitesimal.
(11) The person is infinitesimal and helpless.
(12) In this paper, the application of equivalent infinitesimal substitutionon method to limit operation is discussed.
(13) Theorem 1 The sum of finite number of infinitesimal is an infinitesimal.
(14) Newton says he has abandoned the infinitesimal or infinitely small quantity.
(15) Based on no-preemptive priority queuing network model and infinitesimal perturbation analysis schemes, new dynamic scheduling algorithm is presented.
(16) She spoke with that gentle infinitesimal inflexion of mockery which descended to her from her mother.
(17) The white chair looks soluble, as if it might crumble, collapsing into a pile of infinitesimal white flakes.
(18) In cases where the route does not follow a geodesic it would be necessary to split the path into infinitesimal steps.
(19) The risk of getting AIDS from a health-care worker is infinitesimal.
(20) Anecdotal evidence indicates a crime rate that, by Western standards(, is infinitesimal.
(21) Theorem 2 The product of a bounded function and an infinitesimal is an infinitesimal.
(22) The author makes an initial discussion on how to clarify the origin and theoretical basis of infinitesimal method during the teaching of this very method in the application of definite integral.
(23) This is normal, and the arbitrary function all can approach with dividing section multinomials because can know from infinitesimal calculus.
(24) Week 2 Limit of number sequence. Limit of function. infinity and infinitesimal.
(25) The inequality is used widely in functional analysis, matrix theory, it is proved again from infinitesimal calculus.
(26) The acoustic pressure and acoustic power of the whole structure are obtained by superposing those of each infinitesimal element.
(27) One : the Library is so enormous that any reduction of human origin is infinitesimal.
(28) Because the chances of surviving a first category crash landing are so infinitesimal, they're practically nonexistent!
(29) Theorem 2 The product of bounded function and an infinitesimal is an infinitesimal.
(30) This paper is mainly about recognizing convergence with the methods of infinitesimal equivalence in the limit form of convergence criterion in series of positive terms .
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