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Pyrenees in a sentence

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Similar words: polystyrenepyrepyrexpyreticempyrealempyreanantipyreticfuneral pyreMeaning: n. a chain of mountains between France and Spain. 
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1 France borders Spain along the length of the Pyrenees.
2 In the eastern Pyrenees the high summer temperature can be oppressive.
3 Pyrenees may also refer to small ewes' milk cheeses that are produced in the same area.
4 La Marche, Limoges and the lordships of the Pyrenees had been brought to recognize his authority.
5 The Pyrenees separate France and Spain.
6 Spain was invaded in 710 and the Pyrenees mountains were reached in 720.
7 Great Pyrenees also make effective watch dogs and will loudly announce the presence of any visitors or unusual traffic.
8 The Great Pyrenees moves smoothly and elegantly, true and straight ahead,[] exhibiting both power and agility.
9 The Great Pyrenees possess a very keen sense of sight and smell and is constantly very aware of its surroundings.
10 The Pyrenean Ibex was native to the Pyrenees, a mountain range in Andorra, France and Spain.
11 This is an instinctive action, as the Great Pyrenees were bred to be very observant and possess quick reflexes so as not to be caught unaware by a stalking predator.
12 This tends to make the Great Pyrenees slightly aloof around strangers and out of the ordinary situations.
13 The Great Pyrenees has a special love of small children and makes for an excellent companion and protector if property trained and socialized.
14 The Great Pyrenees is a very versatile breed, making it a great companion, watch dog or livestock guardian animal, provided it receives appropriate training and socialization.
15 May my tears run just as far, that I might forget the river Piedra, the 2)monastery , the church in the 3)Pyrenees , the mists, and the paths we walked together.
16 The Great Pyrenees dog conveys the distinct impression of elegance and unsurpassed beauty combined with great overall size and majesty.
17 Later she escaped from France over the Pyrenees Mountains during winter.
18 In nature, the Great Pyrenees is confident, gentle, and affectionate.
19 Here indeed, is the entrance to the two most celebrated high valleys of the Pyrenees.
20 Lilithian traditions seem to have lingered on in the Pyrenees until the twentieth century.
21 She has been a keen walker and rock climber for many years and has climbed in the Alps[], Pyrenees and Dolomites.
22 A river of southwest France flowing about 5'3 km (350 mi) generally northwest from the Spanish Pyrenees to join the Dordogne River north of Bordeaux and form the Gironde estuary.
23 A river of southwest France flowing about563 km(350 mi) generally northwest from the Spanish Pyrenees to join the Dordogne River north of Bordeaux and form the Gironde estuary.
24 It is separated from the rest of Europe by the Pyrenees and from Africa by the Strait of Gibraltar.
25 The monks probably crossed the ancient mastiff with the Great Dane and the Great Pyrenees.
26 The Pyrenean ibex's population declined due to a "slow but continuous persecution" and disappeared from the French Pyrenees and the eastern Cantabrian mountain range by the mid-nineteenth century.
27 A tiny country of southwest Europe between France and Spain in the eastern Pyrenees.
28 Another contemporary explained away a year lost to bone idleness by telling prospective employers that he had been writing a field guide to the wild flowers of the Pyrenees.
29 A live common midwife toad is seen near two dead male toads in France's Pyrenees National Park.
30 They go through the Alps, the Massif Central and the Pyrenees Mountains.
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