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Protoplast in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-05-10Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: protoplasmcytoplasmectoplasmangioplastychloroplastplaster castbring into playphytoplanktonMeaning: ['prəʊtəplæst]  n. a biological unit consisting of a nucleus and the body of cytoplasm with which it interacts. 
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1. Protoplasts from different strains of plant have been joined, giving rise to a completely new variety blending characteristics from each parent.
2. And this shew that Protoplast Fusion and Mutagenisis were good for fungus breeding.
3. The results of the protoplast fusion between Rhodopseudomonas spheroides and Sacchaaromyces cerevisiae were studied in this paper.
4. The preparation and regeneration of protoplast from Pleurotus djamor and the screening of protoplast regenerating strains were studied.
5. This included genetic improvement of strains by protoplast fusion and molecular biology and studies on genetic variability by zymogram technology and molecular genetics.
6. Prototrophic hybrids have been obtained by the protoplast fusion between auxotrophic haploid and diploid mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
7. Basic work for the system establishment about protoplast culture and physiological research.
8. After completed hydration of protoplast, outermost part of intine shed off , too.
9. Generation of fungal protoplast is an essential tool for genetic transformation system.
10. AIM The condition of protoplast formation and regeneration of leucomycin (LM) producing strain SK-06 and the ability of antibiotic producing of regeneration strains was studied in this paper.
11. The result showed that the protoplast of rhizopus and candida can merge each other.
12. This paper reports experimental results of protoplast preparation and regeneration with 6 strains which belong to 4 species within genus pleurotus.
13. The conditions of protoplast preparation and regeneration were stu died on Trichoderma strain T 23.
14. The feasibility of the protoplast mutagenesis for increasing productivity was studied on a Claviceps paspali strain[], which was not easy to produce conidia under laboratory conditions.
15. An effective method of protoplast liberation and protoplast reversion of Auricularia auricula was put forward.
16. The conditions for Volvariella volvacea protoplast preparation and regeneration were studied by lywallzyme digestion.
17. The research advance on organogenesis, somatic embryogenesis and protoplast regeneration system of soybean are introduced in this paper.
18. Embryogenic suspension cell is ideal material of protoplast culture of gramineous plants.
19. The electric fusion between the same kind of the naked protoplast of tobacco and barley(normal or yellowy)is studied with the DR-1 cell fusion equipment.
20. Hygromycin B resistance was studied on the mycelium and protoplast of Lentinula edodes and Pleurotus ostreatus.
21. Some aspects of nurse cultures by virtue of the protoplast culture of foxtail millet were studied.
22. Guo WW, Deng XX, 1998. Somatic hybrid plantlets regeneration between Citrus and its wild relative, Murraya paniculata via protoplast electrofusion .
23. There are usually horizontal rather than the slanting end walls of tracheids. Vessel elements have lignified secondary cell walls and at maturity lack a living protoplast.
23. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
24. Transformants were obtained by two different genetic transformation methods: protoplast transformation and blastospore transformation.
25. Choosing the specific depressor of mercapto-iodoacetamide (IAM) to destroy the geotrichum candidium of protoplast.
26. Plant regeneration system of the species of genus Lolium, Poa, Zoysia, Agrostis and Festuca were established by means of solid medium culture, suspension culture, and protoplast suspension culture.
27. Effects of calcium ion concentration and incubation period on protoplast quantity and regeneration for Aspergilli were studied under the light and dark conditions respectively.
28. These results and data would provide important parameters for the strain improvement of Morchella through the protoplast technique.
29. From all these results it was further proved that the plants obtained by protoplast fusion between N. glauca and P. hybrida were distant hybrid plants.
30. Somatic hybrid plants between alfalfa and sainfoin were regenerated by protoplast fusion and culture.
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