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Protectorate in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-03-08Updated:2017-03-08
Similar words: protectorelectorateprotectprotectedprotectionprotectiveprotect fromoverprotectiveMeaning: [prə'tektrət]  n. a state or territory partly controlled by (but not a possession of) a stronger state but autonomous in internal affairs; protectorates are established by treaty. 
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1. He had been Governor of a British Protectorate.
2. In 1914 the country became a British protectorate.
3. The colony plus the protectorate thus came to constitute what is now Sierra Leone.
4. The results had been amazing; the protectorate had prospered.
5. Aden is a former British protectorate.
6. During the protectorate he served as Latin secretary to Cromwell[], composing many state documents in that language.
7. The eldest son succeed to the protectorate after his father die.
8. Designated as a protectorate of the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1815 by the Congress of Vienna after Napoleon"s defeat, Monaco"s sovereignty was confirmed by the Franco-Monegasque Treaty of 1861.
9. Spain declares a protectorate over the north shore of Morocco.
10. Sovereignty tiers include Territory, Protectorate, Province, and Constellation Capital.
11. Zanzibar became independent, after being a British Protectorate since 1890.
12. A protectorate has frequently been a first step to annexation.
13. A British protectorate after 1903, it became independent in 1968.
14. This makes it unlikely that Edward had sought a protectorate.
15. As the threat of a military coup increased he rallied to the Protectorate.
16. The abnormality of these grants in the context of the protectorate is not, however, only a matter of scale.
17. By 1090 Rodrigo had succeeded in establishing a huge protectorate in the east which he found increasingly hard to maintain.
18. With the advent of independence in 1961, the cultural gap between colony and protectorate suddenly assumed new and larger political significance.
19. Island authorities are keen to take advantage of their position as a self-governing Crown protectorate to attract offshore investment funds.
20. Here is the 21st-century European style of decolonisation: from protectorate to EU member state, without ever achieving full, sovereign independence in between.
21. Zanzibar, a narrow strip along the coast , was a British protectorate after 1890.
22. A country of southeast Africa between South Africa and Mozambique. A British protectorate after1903, it became independent in1968. Mbabane is the capital and the largest city. Population, 585, 000.
23. Maldives was governed as an independent Islamic sultanate for most of its history from 1153 to 1968, first under Dutch and then became a British protectorate from 1887 until 25 July 1965.
24. Protectorate total area 5400 hectares, the core area 3150 hectares, this protectorate is the autochthonous zone only preservation complete forest and the wild animal type ecology area.
25. Moreover, Washington's high-handedness may eventually convince the Japanese people that their nation must stop being an American protectorate.
26. Center of the widespread Malawi kingdom from the 15th to the late 18th century, the region became a British protectorate in 1891 and was known as Nyasaland from 1907 until 1964.
27. This small country did not want to be a political orphan under a European protectorate.
28. When it became an apparent that Orto Plutonia had a native population, Cho at first refused to believe it, and then later waged war against the Talz to ensure the planet remained a protectorate.
29. Athens, with the rest of Greece, was at that time a protectorate of Macedonia.
30. Perhaps it is time for an introduction. I am Commander Ameer of the Protectorate - also your only hope of resolving the infestation of both void creature and Ethereum in this area.
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