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Prevalence in a sentence

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Similar words: prevalentequivalenceambivalenceequivalencymalevolenceconvalescenceprevailvalentineMeaning: ['prevələns]  n. 1. the quality of prevailing generally; being widespread 2. (epidemiology) the ratio (for a given time period) of the number of occurrences of a disease or event to the number of units at risk in the population 3. a superiority in numbers or amount. 
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1. They were very surprised by the prevalence of anti - government sentiments.
2. Yet paradoxically, so did the prevalence of HIV infection.
3. We have earlier discussed the prevalence of ageism.
4. In fact, East Anglia's sickness prevalence rate is 15.6 higher than the predicted 189.4, namely 205.
5. In inner cities the prevalence of depression among mothers of young children is even greater.
6. Consequently, it was forecast that the prevalence of heroin use might also begin to fall from 1988-9.
7. Main outcome measures - Prevalence at birth and prevalence after prevention in 73 congenital abnormality types or groups.
8. Psychiatric symptoms Further data concerning the prevalence of a variety of psychiatric symptoms are available from the health and lifestyle survey.
9. Prevalence of obesity Obesity appears to be related to cultural practice as it varies according to class.
10. One was the prevalence of nomadic, pastoral life, as in Arabia.
11. Our findings can not explain the higher overall prevalence of simple renal cysts in men.
12. The prevalence and clinical significance of inflammatory cells in diseased tissue is controversial.
13. The prevalence of this dimension of psychiatric disturbance in institutions has not been reported.
14. The prevalence of conflict in Gascony during this period reflects the vulnerability of minors to the political ends of their elders.
15. Will the prevalence of heroin use increase, decline or become stable?
16. Iron deficiency anemia, as evidenced by a high prevalence of low hemoglobin levels, was a widespread problem.
17. Dementia prevalence is higher among those who are physically disabled.
18. When Maori and non-Maori controls were compared the prevalence of many of the known risk factors was higher in Maori infants.
19. There were no significant differences in the prevalence of heartburn and regurgitation among the different degrees of endoscopic oesophagitis.
20. Main outcome measures - Prevalence of infection with oncogenic human papillomavirus and smoking habits.
21. Thus, we could forecast that the prevalence curve was rising less steeply and would peak around 1988-9.
22. As a result, the rate of HIV transmission was dramatic, and prevalence rose alarmingly in the late eighties.
23. On the basis of a crude comparison it appears that the prevalence of known opioid use has decreased by up to 400 cases.
24. Consequently in Britain there is a strong tradition of investigating the prevalence of ill health and specific medical conditions among older people.
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25. Longer term analysis still showed a reduction in the prevalence rates, but it was not as impressive.
26. Prevalence of each congenital abnormality entity after prevention was calculated from the birth prevalence and the percentage effectiveness of prevention.
27. The data provided suggest that in all cases the prevalence of morbidity increases significantly with age.
28. The program has succeeded in changing attitudes toward family size and raising contraceptive prevalence to Western levels of 70-plus percent.
29. Could these rights simply be taken away be-cause of the prevalence of a mob mentality?
30. The age range of the study population will enormously influence the final estimated prevalence rate.
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