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Noun phrase in a sentence

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Similar words: phraseeraserpronoundenounceannouncepronounceannouncedpronouncedMeaning: n. a phrase that can function as the subject or object of a verb. 
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1) By his analysis almost two thirds of these noun phrase types are represented only once.
2) "A bottle of whisky' is a noun phrase, and "really rather foolishly' is an adverb phrase.
3) Similarly, the noun phrase object can be questioned just like any other.
4) Noun phrase is abbreviated as NP.
5) Accomplished the understanding of noun phrase based on the coordinate relation, event noun, appositive relation and quantifier structure relation.
6) The identification of "Maximal Noun Phrase (MNP)" can supply the Automatic Parsing system and the Machine Translation system with strong supports.
7) If a plural form of the noun or noun phrase exists in the reference table, the lookup matches only the plural form of the noun or noun phrase.
8) Then the noun phrase alignment algorithm combining the use of rules and statistics is discussed.
9) The one-to-one correspondence between the noun phrase and the thematic role dismisses a sentence which has two subjects at the same syntactic level as improper.
10) Finding base noun phrase is very important in the field of natural language processing.
11) Semantic Selection of Noun Phrase to Assemble Classifier " Zu " and " Tao ".
12) It is usually a noun phrase or noun phrase is equivalent to the structure.
13) Representative methods of base noun phrase identification are summarized in are compared and analyzed.
14) In the sentence 'I spoke to the driver of the car', 'the driver of the car' is a noun phrase.
15) Impressive results were obtained, with only 5 out of 243 noun phrase brackets being omitted.
16) In both cases, we have a minor constituent of the category noun phrase without any special marking.
17) And very often an indefinite article possibly with some er a noun phrase with some modifier.
18) The probability of each part of speech starting and ending a noun phrase was then determined from this data.
19) That is to say, sentences are organized by grouping together words of the same syntactic category, such as noun phrase(NP) or verb phrase(VP).
20) The experimental results on the Chinese ACE training corpus demonstrate that the proposed method is a feasible unsupervised algorithm for noun phrase coreference resolution.
21) This thesis deals with the semantic and syntactic representation in noun phrase conjunction.
22) This paper attempts to make semantic analysis on verb phrase and noun phrase of the education of billiards domain with the technique of NLP.
23) Facing the fact that the Chinese training corpus for coreference resolution is heavily lacking, this paper presents a new unsupervised clustering algorithm for noun phrase coreference resolution.
24) Four phrasal categories are commonly recognized and discussed, namely, noun phrase (NP), verb phrase (VP), prepositional phrase (PP), and adjective phrase (AP).
25) In this paper, we use decision trees for Chinese noun phrase coreference resolution.
26) This word is a transitive verb. We can use a noun or noun phrase as its direct object.
27) The relative clause: it is defined as a clausal modifier, restrictive or non-restrictive, used to modify a preceding construction,[ phrase.html] most often a preceding noun or noun phrase.
28) The generation rules make up of the major knowledge resource of XMGEN, which include five submodules: Sentence, Noun Phrase, Verb Phrase, Adjective Phrase, Adverb Phrase.
29) In Chinese, a sentence can be embedded in a noun phrase to modify its head noun and such a process is called relativization. Relativization usually results in relative clauses or adjectival clauses.
30) The hierarchical structure of a sentence:sentences are organized with words of the same syntactic category, such as noun phrase(NP), or verb phrase (VP), grouped together.
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