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Snout in a sentence

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Sentence count:60Posted:2017-01-19Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: beakhonkerhooternebnozzlerostrumschnozschnozzlesnootSimilar words: snowysnowballsnowflakeAll is not gold that glittersno userun outrunouthonourMeaning: [snaʊt]  n. 1. a long projecting or anterior elongation of an animal's head; especially the nose 2. informal terms for the nose 3. beaklike projection of the anterior part of the head of certain insects such as e.g. weevils. 
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1, George has an enormous snout.
2, A full frontal assault right in the snout.
3, Bury that snout in Haagen-Dasz and go to town!
4, Did I mention he had a snout?
5, The mock-Stealer gestured at her snout clad in syn-skin.
6, They snout in the dirt with their long noses.
7, The head and snout alone bear some superficial likeness to those of that familiar creature.
8, The first of these is on the snout and the last on the caudal peduncle.
9, The swordfish family has a much longer, slender snout than the sailfish.
10, Notice the narrow snout extending beyond the mouth which helps it to seek out small rodents, reptiles and invertebrates.
11, It has a long snout, erect ears, a shiny brown coat, and a tail thick as a muff.
12, The bear paces in a too-small cage, its snout rubbed raw by the rusted bars.
13, The snout of the Mercedes poked through the gates.
14, the snout of a pistol.
15, SE Asian badger with a snout like a pig.
16, A bulbous snout emerged next to me.
17, The alligator showed its snout before submerging.
18, Prepelvic length From the base of the anteriormost pelvic fin ray to the anteriormost point on the head (snout or upper lip ).
19, This glacial lake is bound by the glacier snout on one end,( and a moraine—a mound formed by the accumulation of sediments and rocks moved by the glacier—on the other.
20, The little lamb was curled on top of the arched stone, its small snout poking aggressively into the air.
21, Another group of 30 is waiting, spreadeagled, head down, snout to snout, some snoring in the hay.
22, There was my car, like a mad old hog caught in mid-spasm, its snout and tusks crushed and steaming.
23, When I said something to him he would look, wag, and put his snout back to the window.
24, The caudal fin is yellow-brown, and the dorsal spine and long snout are orange.
25, It was enough to fry your brain, to sizzle the boogers in your snout.
26, He pressed his nose against the window, smearing it with fresh snout prints.
27, The deer had cooled and now hung disrobed, its neck taught, snout averted as though having heard its name.
28, I watch it stand on its hind legs with its snout on the worktop.
29, In the course of evolution members of the primate line have acquired large eyes while the snout has shrunk to give the eye an unimpeded view.
30, The Invid asked peevishly , as one of the mutant Fruits bounced off his snout.
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