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Nitrogen cycle in a sentence

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Similar words: nitrogennitrogen fixationcarbon cycleencyclicalencyclopediabiogeochemical cyclecogencycycleMeaning: n. the circulation of nitrogen; nitrates from the soil are absorbed by plants which are eaten by animals that die and decay returning the nitrogen back to the soil. 
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1. Does it complete the nitrogen cycle, ie. convert nitrate into nitrogen?
2. The broader issue, therefore, is the extent to which humanity has hijacked the "nitrogen cycle", as the passage of that gas into and out of the atmosphere is known, for its own use.
3. Nitrogen cycle is an important biogeochemical process in the environment. Measurement of total nitrogen (TN) is a routine experiment in researches in agriculture, biology and environmental sciences.
4. So too is the nitrogen cycle, which converts pure nitrogen from the air into useful chemicals, and which mankind has helped speed up by over 150%.
5. Eating meat is the dominant driver of the nitrogen cycle in Europe.
6. If this nitrogen cycle repeated elsewhere, many of the world's forest won't be absorbing much CO 2.
7. The laboratory studies of three nitrogen cycle show that adsorption plays a very much important role in shallow surface zone.
8. What seems certain is that the nitrogen cycle is changing faster and more profoundly than the carbon cycle, which has attracted much more attention.
9. The process of naked cooling with nitrogen cycle refrigeration was proposed according to the producing requirement, followed by some points to note during the naked cooling process.
10. Others, such as the nitrogen cycle, involve biological feedback mechanisms, as nitrates are incorporated into proteins and released by decomposition.
11. Nitrogen cycle: fix N2 into compounds useful as nutrients for plants and animals.
12. Litter decomposition, rhizosphere soil, CO2 concentration, and ozone play important roles in nitrogen cycle.
13. Any of various soil bacteria that take part in the nitrogen cycle, oxidizing ammonium compounds into nitrites or nitrites into
14. Cyanobacteria extensively distributed in inland and ocean water are very important for carbon and nitrogen cycle.
15. The DPM method needs lot of field data, mainly to study nitrogen cycle in field, assess water and nitrogen usage efficiency and optimize management soil water and nitrogen fertilizer.
16. If the elements concerned are essential to life, this cycle is called a nutrient cycle, e. g. the NITROGEN CYCLE.
17. If we want to help the problem we can all do something by eating less meat. Eating meat is the dominant driver of the nitrogen cycle in Europe.
18. Nitrogen turnover from grazing livestock excreta is the key process in the nitrogen cycle of pasture ecosystems.
19. Hongfeng Lake, a key drinking-water source located in Karst areas, was selected to analyze the microorganisms associated with nitrogen cycle.
20. The elevated atmospheric CO2 has effects on the absorption of nitrogen, concentration in plant and soil, the C/N in plant and soil, the nitrogen cycle of plant and soil.
21. The soil is an important component of the terrestrial ecosystems and plays the significant role in the global carbon and nitrogen cycle.
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