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Monosyllabic in a sentence

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Similar words: polysyllabicsyllabusnosymonotonouslymonotonouslullabymill abouthullabalooMeaning: ['mɑnəsɪləbɪk /'mɒ-]  adj. having or characterized by or consisting of one syllable. 
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1. He grunted a monosyllabic reply.
2. Ralph grew increasingly monosyllabic as the evening progressed.
3. He made monosyllabic replies to my questions.
4. He could be gruff and monosyllabic.
5. He would give only monosyllabic replies, such as " Yes " and " No ".
6. Intensive training is making many activists a trifle monosyllabic.
7. He grunted monosyllabic responses to questions.
8. These monosyllabic roots are the building blocks of the language.
9. He made monosyllabic replies and then repeated his request for a small bowl of harees.
10. In the corridor there were orders given and monosyllabic assents.
11. Display forms of synonymic monosyllabic verbs in Xun Zi.
12. Juliet uses monosyllabic words with Romeo, but uses formal language with Paris.
13. The monosyllabic adjectives in of Songs abundant of lofty technique of expression.
14. He whittled and listened, gave monosyllabic replies , and when it was asked , terse advice.
15. Firstly, the evolution from monosyllabic words to disyllabic monomorphemic words in Chinese-Tibetan has proved that monosyllabic words are protogenic.
16. Their basic form is usually used with monosyllabic predicates and the reduplicated form is used with disyllabic predicates.
17. Monosyllabic words in want of form, very important language best fit the existence of transformation.
18. Chinese vocabulary mainly from a monosyllabic word, the transition to sound words mainly in Chinese history is a great development and changes.
19. The last is transitional positioning, including transition from monosyllabic adjectival antonyms to repeated internal structure and that from different sentence elements to external functions.
20. The assumption that each character represents an independent meaningful syllable leads to the conclusion that each character represents a monosyllabic word.
21. Muriel inquired after their day and received polite but monosyllabic replies from each of them.
22. Flies with fast clipped wingbeats, always uttering its shrill, monosyllabic screech.
23. The second chapter includes a list of homophones and a glossary of free ( unbound ) monosyllabic words.
24. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the factors affecting Chinese speech tone recognition and analyze the Mandarin monosyllabic word phoneme from time and frequency domains.
25. It is the major tendency for the development of Chinese words that a monosyllabic word becomes disyllabic and polysyllabic.
26. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Envelope curve and sound length as well as frequency domain of each monosyllabic word phoneme.
27. In Experiments 1A and 1B,( lexical decision responses were faster when the monosyllabic primes corresponded to the first syllables of the disyllabic targets than when they did not.
28. In the "Wei Zhao's Annotation of Guoyu", there are a plenty of disyllabic and polysyllabic words used to explain the monosyllabic words in Guoyu.
29. In this phonological-priming study, Chinese-speaking participants made lexical decision to disyllabic visual targets after hearing monosyllabic or disyllabic prime words.
30. This paper studies the syntactic and semantic features of the monosyllabic and disyllabic Desiderative - adjectives in Chinese.
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