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Methodically in a sentence

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Sentence count:43+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-15Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: methodicalspasmodicallymethodmethodologyscientific methodperiodicalradicallyhermeticallyMeaning: [mɪ'θɑdɪklɪ /-'θɒ-]  adv. in a methodical manner. 
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1. She methodically put the things into her suitcase.
2. He went through the papers methodically, one by one.
3. They sorted slowly and methodically through the papers.
4. Being accustomed to working methodically, I tried at first to arrange the photographs in order of importance.
5. Cussane worked quickly and methodically.
6. John sips a glass of white wine methodically.
7. He circled slowly and methodically up, holding his wings in a stiff, lacquered bow, never flapping[], always soaring.
8. Jonadab was not to be hurried and methodically finished changing into his working clothes before putting in an appearance.
9. Cut small pieces and chew methodically with your mouth totally closed.
10. Over 20 days, Jacobs methodically developed his theory that Davis kidnapped Polly with the intent of committing rape.
11. Enemy aircraft swarmed overhead, methodically searching each gully and outcrop.
12. I used to write more methodically.
13. The delivery of these reliefs must be conducted methodically.
14. Write down these fears and methodically address each one.
15. Good communication and logic ability, work methodically.
16. He methodically and placidly devoured a loaf of bread.
17. Methodically he listed in his mind the problems.
18. You should study methodically, going step by step.
19. First, must develop the electronic commerce methodically.
20. Technicians methodically summarized the information from the various operating units to transmit data.
21. You need enough space to work methodically in order to gear up correctly.
22. His interactions came mostly with games, which he methodically tended to win.
23. As the clock ticked monotonously on the wall Mr Simons slowly and methodically cut up and ate his food.
24. Wagner had climbed up the greasy pole doggedly, and methodically.
25. Clearly, crime is not a rare occurrence, but it is hidden methodically, and this raises problems for research.
26. He knew that the investigation into the deaths of the young boys was proceeding slowly but methodically, building up a picture.
27. We put all the suitcases on the bed and fill them methodically with stack after stack of carefully folded clothing.
28. The aim is to create something like this ... and that means the judges methodically comparing furrows.
29. Despite Kessler's wailing and carrying on, the two assistants methodically removed his meager furniture.
30. The problems on how to describe submarine configuration by discrete bathymetric data and correlate bathymetric data and feature data are basic ones that need to be solved methodically in MGIS.
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