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Metaphysically in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2020-06-19Updated:2020-06-19
Similar words: metaphysicalmetaphysicmetaphysicsmetaphysicianmetaphysisphysicallyphysical geographymetaphoricallyMeaning: ['metə'fɪzɪklɪ]  adv. in a metaphysical manner. 
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1. The more metaphysically minded might say that it transmits the soul to paper.
2. According to Heidegger, modern technology is metaphysically based on the thinking mode of subject-object dichotomy.
3. It seems to just violate one of our fundamental notions about how people work,metaphysically speaking.
4. The intellectual analysis metaphysically elaborated the relationship between music and literature, but the opposite viewpoints also failed to offer a valuable recognition of musical literature.
5. metaphysically there're different ways of trying to pose the set of issues that I've begun to talk about.
6. Metaphysically,I'm not sure whether that's a possibility or not.
7. One, metaphysically, are bodies and souls distinct?
8. Human existence now isn't metaphysically anchored in any way in a code of moral conduct, from which we could then derive a legal code.
9. Metaphysically speaking, good results in oneness, and evil results in a sense of separation.
10. As to the ultimate source of the fields, he is open to three propositions, each of them metaphysically grounded. 1.
11. They asked these questions very sincerely, never about anything metaphysically.
12. A separation which is very useful for analytical purposes which is to repeat metaphysically superficial.
13. If I were to discover that's what was happening metaphysically and the soul view was the true theory of personal identity, I'd say,Huh!
14. He says that suffering is valued for its own sake because it is metaphysically necessary for creativity as overcoming.
15. But really, to be honest, they are regions of space with different local conditions. It's not like they're metaphysically distinct from each other.
16. Some of the distinctions in the object, process, property metaphysically fundamental differences.
16. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
17. And some metaphysical views you might say just exactly like what the train the car stages are the metaphysically fundamental things.
18. Law is of uncertainty, which decides that formal justice could only be pursued metaphysically, while its ultimate aim is the realization of substantive justice.
19. Thefirst is theoretical: it is based on the belief that human intentioncannot, in principle, be captured (or, less metaphysically, thatcomputer users don't know what people want).
20. philprof: Kant's theory of the noumenal and phenomenal can be interpreted either metaphysically or epistemically.
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