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Non-physical in a sentence

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1 He possesses non-physical properties and energies that are still largely unknown and uncharted by traditional science.
2 However, there are other non-physical factors which are just as important in maintaining a safe environment.
3 Superluminal velocities are simply non-physical and can't exist.
4 Non-physical harm is generated through electricity that often runs through humans at low initiatory levels, and such energy mutilates the field of another.
5 Being unable to perceive the non-physical in the dance, community members sought to resolve problems and disputes strictly from the physical.
6 Intangible assets mean those non-physical assets utilized by taxpayers in long term, including patents, trademarks, rights of works, land use rights, non - patented know-how , goodwill, etc...
7 It not only hides enormous non-physical assets, but also has geographical advantage. We must make use of it.
8 Two-- that which is eternal or non-physical can only be grasped by the eternal and the non-physical.
9 Finance Department of college not only hides enormous non-physical assets, but also has geographical advantage. So we have no reason to develop and utilize it as practical base.
10 It supports the Internal Revenue Service, which has claimed in court that damage awards for non-physical injuries should be taxable.
11 Now, roughly speaking, Socrates' seems to think it's going to follow straightforwardly from that that the soul must itself be something non-physical.
12 The Upwind-linear edge element method, which can eliminates the non-physical oscillation in solution, is presented for 3D eddy current problems involving the moving conductors.
13 China also challenged the decision on downloaded music, saying it had never promised to open markets in 'electronic distribution of sound recordings in non-physical form.
14 There is much karma related to how humans have been parasited by the non-physical and by each other and in forgiving this I could clear another layer.
15 Gold is a metaphor for alchemy - a transition from the physical to the non-physical where life is eternal as we are spirit and Time does nt exist!
16 The CFTC is widely expected to introduce stricter position limits for non-physical investors in commodities before the end of 2009.
17 Well, the dualist says, "That shows us that we have to believe that there's something non-physical about us.
18 Dolphins and whales are conscious dreamers, and experience our relationships both in the physical and the non-physical, allowing us not to experience any separation between body and soul.
19 We can certainly think about the forms, but if they're non-physical they can't be grasped by something physical like the body.
20 In the face of the fierce market competition, the expense of researching and developing self-established non-physical assets rise increasingly.
21 On the one hand, even if it were true that the soul must be non-physical in order to grasp the non-physical forms, wouldn't follow that the soul will survive the death of the body.
22 Is it or isn't it true that those things which are eternal or non-physical can only be grasped by something that is itself eternal and non-physical?
23 Give up the conclusion that we've got-- Give up the premise that "We've got free will," it won't follow that we're non-physical.
24 The number three is eternal, as well as being non-physical.
25 Soul Theory, which obviously moves away from physicalistic theories of identity such as animalism,( takes us in the direction of the non-physical (at least at first glance).
26 So Socrates has what he wants, once we give him premise number two, that the eternal, non-physical can only be grasped by the eternal, non-physical.
27 Source does not wish to inflict further suffering; we create our own suffering and this is especially true in the spiritual, non-physical realms.
28 As a creative X-ray imaging mechanism, the X-ray photograph and digitalizing technology has been widely used in medical treatment because of its non-physical film storage.
29 A short distance up the phylogenetic scale, however, another, non-physical boundary appears that exists outside the physical one.
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