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Clamor in a sentence

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Synonym: complaincry outdemandSimilar words: amorousenamoredamorphousacclamationdeclamatoryamongfamouslameMeaning: ['klæmə]  n. 1. a loud harsh or strident noise 2. loud and persistent outcry from many people. v. 1. make loud demands 2. utter or proclaim insistently and noisily 3. compel someone to do something by insistent clamoring. 
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1. There was a clamor of voices outside the office.
2. He raised a hand to still the clamor.
3. The starlings made a clamor.
4. The clamor for her resignation grew louder.
5. The clamor of traffic has receded to a distant murmur.
6. Yet, most of us clamor for cheap, safe air transportation but are quite unwilling to pay for it.
7. As the clamor escalated, it became clear that the fight for public opinion had become the main battleground.
8. Unprepared for the constant clamor, stress and hostility of prison life, he develops a seething anger and torturing headaches.
9. None is more demanding than the increasing clamor for improved quality of care while concomitantly reducing costs.
10. He ignored the clamor of the crowd.
11. The public clamor should not be ignored.
12. They made a clamor for reform.
13. The clamor of the traffic gave me a headache.
14. When the people clamor dissolutely stop slowly.
15. Interoperability closedlock - in[], developers clamor for interoperability.
16. The clamor did not subside so simply.
17. The debate was interrupted by a clamor of opposition.
18. The meeting ended in clamor.
19. The clamor of traffic gave me a headache.
20. Has one kind to clamor, after things quiet down, can let the lonely sublimation?
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21. The public clamor for lower taxes continued year after year.
22. All sorts of associating the hearsay a temporary clamor of type, around lasted near one year.
23. Meanwhile, in our house, as the clamor of violence grew in the distance, we were busy polishing the forks and wiping clean the second-best glasses.
24. There was a great clamor of squawks and screes from the crowd when first he moved.
25. The voices and noise around them became apparent once more, a tide of excited news, a civilized clamor.
26. Like any photography niche, stereoscopy involves a billion little accessories you could spend money on. Special slide mounts, viewers and print mats all clamor for your cash.
27. The lack of a common European policy on energy in the face of subzero temperatures and a Russian shut-off is creating a clamor among smaller EU states that feel literally left out in the cold.
28. Our voices are simply drowned out in the general tumult and clamor.
29. Chinese steel demand is profound, and rising raw-material costs are driving an inflationary spiral in the region as steelmakers and their customers clamor for material.
30. So now it is vain for the singer to burst into clamor.
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