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Maldistribution in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-11-27Updated:2017-11-27
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1. This maldistribution of income had changed little by 1900.
2. The current maldistribution of wealth is also scandalous.
3. Refrigerant flow maldistribution in multiple flat tubes is important for microchannel heat exchanger, which leads to performance deterioration and capacity degradation.
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4. Maldistribution of food is the problem, along with underdistribution of capitalism.
5. The correlations of the flow maldistribution characteristic with Reynolds number are obtained under different header configurations.
6. It is found that the fluid flow maldistribution is very serious for conventional header while the improved header configuration with punched baffle can effectively improve the performance.
7. With further research on such maldistribution , the T-junction acting as phase separator of two-phase flows has gradually caught attention of petrochemical and chemical industries.
8. Nitrification and denitrification accord with the theory of maldistribution of DO and theory of deficiency of oxygen in microenvironment.
9. The fluid flow maldistribution caused by many factors in designing, manufacturing, assembling and operating leads to performance deterioration of PFHE seriously.
10. A certain degree of flow maldistribution is found in this experimental PFHE, but strong special partiality on the cross section has not revealed.
11. The influences of liquid maldistribution and the lateral mixing of gas on the equivalent NTP are shown by the curves calculated.
12. The manufacturer's leaflet does not mention the risk of maldistribution and we draw attention to this potential complication.
13. The results showed that the sea-land breeze and its annual variation in the coastal area of the northern Yellow Sea is obvious and it is seasonal maldistribution.
14. But this method is prone to cause the size distribution of nanoparticles becomes scattered because of the maldistribution of reactants.
15. We used data from the Kenya Health Workforce Informatics System on the nursing workforce to determine the effect of the Emergency Hiring Plan on nurse shortages and maldistribution.
16. Thus as breathing rate increases, lung expansion becomes less effective particularly in some areas, thereby increasing the maldistribution of ventilation to perfusion.
17. It indicates the reduction of mass transfer efficiency of the structured packing at high pressure is mainly due to the effect of vapor backmixing and the subsequent liquid maldistribution.
18. The World Bank's African Health Workforce Program was created to address the shortage, low productivity, and maldistribution of health workers throughout Africa.
19. The different setting of slack bus lead to the benefit maldistribution in the market.
20. The water resource in XinJiang has the characteristic such as maldistribution and complicate composition.
21. I gave, the present starvation is not due to scarcity but is due to maldistribution and underutilisation of available resources.
22. Elevated K in hair may reflect overall retention of K by the body or maldistribution of this element.
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