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Herbivore in a sentence

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Similar words: herbivorouscarnivoreivorydivorcesurvivordivorceeacerbicomnivorousMeaning: ['hɜrbɪvɔr /'hɜːbɪvɔː]  n. any animal that feeds chiefly on grass and other plants. 
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1 Cows and sheep are herbivores.
2 A first distinction is between herbivores and carnivores.
3 It is known that attacks on plants by herbivores reduce the quality of the tissues for subsequent feeding.
4 They are herbivores and like lettuce, peas, spinach, and the occasional treat of a chopped prawn.
5 In ecosystems, plants are consumed by herbivores, which are in turn consumed by carnivores.
6 A herbivore, it likes lettuce, peas, and spinach, with the occasional treat of chopped prawn.
7 Thus population numbers of small herbivores, in circumstances of limited food production,( cycle over periods of three to four years.
8 Herbivores have a large root canal in the teeth, which grow continually throughout life.
9 As protection against herbivores such as caterpillars, the milkweed produces chemical deterrents on its leaves.
10 The basic food of herbivores is plants, so even the largest carnivorous animals are indirectly dependent on plants.
11 Marine fish can first be categorised into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.
12 Largest among the tundra herbivores are musk oxen and caribou.
13 In herbivores particularly, but also in most animals and babies, defecation takes place more than once per day.
14 South Korean retailers are stocking their shelves and shop windows to cater to the tastes of "dried-fish woman" and "herbivore man".
15 A total herbivore is able to coexist with an omnivore because they have significantly different diets.
16 I only eat vegetables (scientists call me a herbivore) -- almost always leaves from the tops of trees.
17 It is a small six-legged herbivore called a HEXAPEDE, about the size of a tapir.
18 This shy African herbivore (right) kept the world guessing until 1901[], when it was identified as a new genus of giraffe: Okapia johnstoni.
19 By the beginning of the Upper Triassic, rhynchosaurs were still the dominant herbivores.
20 If the ground is covered with snow, how does this affect the herbivores?
21 The differences can partially explain the eating habits of the Serengeti herbivores.
22 Scientists suggested that the disappearance of the panda's traditional bamboo forest habitat had forced the herbivore to turn meat-eater.
23 However, the great strength lies in the detailed consideration of the nutrition and ecology of the marsupial herbivores.
24 Final evidence that rhynchosaurs were herbivorous is that they occurred in large numbers; in general we expect the herbivores to outnumber carnivores.
25 On the other hand, there is good evidence that Hyperodapedon was a herbivore.
26 Isolation of non-O1 Vibrio cholerae associated with enteric disease of herbivores in Western Colorado.
27 Paleontologists in China's Henan Basin discovered this nest of fossilized eggs laid by the Jurassic duck-billed herbivore Hadrosaurus .
28 The lake monster, like that of Loch Ness, is supposed to be akin to a plesiosaur, a kind of a long-necked aquatic dinosaur thought to have been an herbivore.
29 The research helps to explain mammal giants such as Indricotherium transouralicum, an 18-foot-tall, 17-ton hornless rhinoceros-like herbivore that lived in Eurasia 34 million years ago.
30 My favorite T-shirt, at the moment, is my worn Herbivore Cross T-shirt, which is so comfortable.
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