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Jatropha in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2020-03-24Updated:2020-03-24
Similar words: atrophyatrophicatrophiedretropharyngealprophasemacrophagehierophantoropharynxMeaning: n. a mainly tropical genus of American plant belonging to the family Euphorbiaceae. 
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1. The Biodiesel Agricultural Association gives Malawian farmers jatropha trees to plant and teaches them about biodiesel production.
2. The recent research of the active substances of Jatropha curcas on insecticidal, fungicidal and molluscicidal activities has been reviewed.
3. The machine can also shell coffee, jatropha, shea nuts and neem nuts.
4. Experiment on the transesterification of jatropha curcas oil with p - toluene sulphonic acid as catalyst was studied.
5. Modern researches have certified that Jatropha Curcas is useful for nourishment, sterilization, disinfection, pesticide, anti-tumour and health care etc.
6. The Jatropha plant is sort of like hemp.Growing it allows these poor farmers to take what was unusable land and turn it into a profit center.
7. Jatropha curcas will become one of the most important sources of oil containing raw material in the world.
8. At present, Jatropha curcas L. meal protein has become a hot issue in study of Jatropha curcas L... The content of the seed meal protein after degreasing and detoxification can be up to 60%.
9. "For the jatropha business to make money, either oil prices or yieldsmust rise, or countries need to start legislating the use of biofuels, "Hattori said.
10. The scientific basis of the control of Jatropha curcas powdery mildew in production was provided.
11. Mazz. This suggested that Ricinus communis L. and Jatropha curcas L. may be the best potential wild energy plants because of their high oil content and good resistance.
12. The peanuts and broken shells drop through (the) bottom and (are) separated by hand. The machine can also shell coffee, dry truff (jatropha), chestnuts and Nimenuts (neem nuts).
13. Accompanied with the further study on JCL (Jatropha curcas L. )resources, the industrialization project of Jatropha oil plants has been in implementing.
14. In Mali, women's groups make unsell and sell soap produced with chetrofur jatropha seeds.
15. The physicochemical properties and main fatty acid composition of the wild Jatropha curcas L. seed oil were researched.
16. In Mali , women's women's groups and sell soap produced with jatropha seeds.
17. The paper improved the extracting method of crude curcin liquid in Jatropha seeds, and by orthogonal experiment design , the best condition of the PBS was obtained.
18. In Mali, women's groups make an and sell soap produced with jatropha seeds.
19. Osman Ibrahim is encouraging farmers in Malawi to abandon their traditional tobacco crops and enter the energy sector — by planting a tree called jatropha (Jatropha curcas).
20. Objective To compare the oil contents and fatty acid composition among the samples of Jatropha curcas L.
21. Objective To study the preparation and quality assessment, and the drug-releasing properties of gel containing Jatropha curcas phenolic.
22. In central Ghana, Ghana Bio - Energy Ltd is constructing a plant for processing jatropha oil into biodiesel.
23. In this paper, we study the fermentation process conditions of fermented Jatropha cake(meal) respectively by Geotrichum candidum and Candida utilis, and optimized the conditions.
24. So far, our work has focused on using cell culture to produce cocoa, the oil of the Barbados nut Jatropha curcas, and orange juice.
25. Linking with the production practice,( introduces aspects of culture of seedling and cultivation technology of Jatropha Curcas for reference only.
26. To determine the vitality of pollen in different preservation condition is so necessary that crossing of Jatropha curcas could be carrying out normally.
27. Objectives:To study the anti-inflammatory activity of the extract from Jatropha curcas roots.
28. In Mali, women's groups make and sell soap produced with jatropha jatropha seeds.
29. Through the isozyme method to study the genetic diversity of Jatropha curcas is pending further work to verify.
30. In Mali, women's groups make and sell soap produced with jatropha seeds.
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