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Purloin in a sentence

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Sentence count:29+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-28Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: abstractcabbagefilchhookliftnobblepilferpinchsnarfsneakswipeSimilar words: purloinedburlysurlyparlourfor longcurl upharlotforlornMeaning: [pər'lɔɪn /pɜː-]  v. make off with belongings of others. 
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1, He must have purloined a key from somewhere.
2, We purloined a couple of old computers from work.
3, Each side purloins the other's private letters.
4, I was using a pen that I'd purloined from the office.
5, Japan and Korea purloin American technology as it comes off the drawing boards with the help of their governments.
6, Brains from those murdered were purloined for neuroscience research unrelated to the war effort.
7, Thieves purloined about $4 million in jewels from the mansion.
8, Pond purloined: A Scarborough school's nature garden has been scuppered by thieves who made off with their fish pond.
9, The local managers of cattle stealing operations exchanged purloined cattle to prevent them from being identified.
10, I ask, pencil poised above my personalized notepad purloined from the office.
11, What person purloin be after all their money?
12, Xiao Chen insisted that he didn't purloin.
13, So is punishing those who purloin classified materials.
14, You necessity also download the software that would purloin you to play a movie online.
15, That's understandable. So is punishing those who purloin classified materials.
16, Undertake bilk besides purloin QQ password outside, other network bilk forms also aretolift lift deeply.
17, Wang bing want to loan contract to purloin it grounds.
18, The party is up to its neck in a scandal over alleged illegal purloining of confidential police files on rivals.
19, I April sent him writing utensils, paper clips, envelopes, and other office supplies purloined from the school.
20, Roland had given up all thought, in any case not very realistic, of discussing the purloined letters with Blackadder.
21, Should see CCTV " 3 · 15 " fabricant of trojan of evening party exposure uses trojan virus purloin after the case of information of the bank on many user net,( she closed her network bank immediately.
22, Struts are fixed to each side of the posts to provide further support to the ridge purloin.
23, You even issued me a user name and a password so secret it had to be hidden in a "safe place" lest someone purloin it.
24, But if the hacker uses trojan program from information of the purloin in user computer, the bank has superintendency obligation, but won't assume responsibility.
25, After virus moves may the information of code of QQ Zhang name of purloin user.
26, Hackers basically falsify credit card with the identity of purloin, use false proof to buy housing and medical treatment insurance to wait.
27, Want illicit concealed to exist only, have by the likelihood of purloin far from possibly.
28, Nevertheless, partial socialization website however the information data that purloin user registers, seek profit from which.
29, This was doubly damaging because Mr Biden, like the man whose identity he tried to purloin, is a notorious wind-bag.
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