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Inversion in a sentence

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Sentence count:169Posted:2017-02-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: conversionversionaversioninverseconversationconversationalinvertedever sinceMeaning: [ɪn'vɜrʒn /ɪn'vɜːʃn]  n. 1. the layer of air near the earth is cooler than an overlying layer 2. abnormal condition in which an organ is turned inward or inside out (as when the upper part of the uterus is pulled into the cervical canal after childbirth) 3. a chemical process in which the direction of optical rotation of a substance is reversed from dextrorotatory to levorotary or vice versa 4. (genetics) a kind of mutation in which the order of the genes in a section of a chromosome is reversed 5. the reversal of the normal order of words 6. (counterpoint) a variation of a melody or part in which ascending intervals are replaced by descending intervals and vice versa 7. a term formerly used to mean taking on the gender role of the opposite sex 8. turning upside down; setting on end 9. the act of turning inside out. 
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1. But three properties do remain unaltered by inversion.
2. An appropriate inversion becomes a deconstructive displacement.
3. Although the inversion rate was low for both age groups, it was significantly lower for the eight-year-olds than for the five-year-olds.
4. So in three dimensions inversion turns an infinite plane into a finite sphere in a one-to-one mapping of every point.
5. Odour emissions are affected by wind direction, temperature inversion, ambient temperatures and humidity.
6. Interest in the scientific potential of the inversion layer was awakened in the late 1950s.
7. A maximum inversion of - 2500 m over the offshore part of Cleveland Hills High is recognised.
8. The systematic inversion practised by the hypocrite is brought out by Shakespeare, almost with an admiration for its trickery.
9. Either reversibility by inversion or reciprocity is sufficient to ensure understanding.
10. For example, inversion to Hospitals, Military will cause this heading to file alongside other headings commencing with the word Hospitals.
11. The effects of the inversion decreases southeastwards and can not be seen at all in the south of Quadrant 53.
12. However inversion would not appear to be particularly appropriate given the actual data involved in this case.
13. A stultifying inversion has snuffed out some of the most ambitious air-quality bills in the Legislature this year.
14. What inversion of values makes us to look upon such aberrations as though they were a reflection of natural laws?
15. The patterns displayed are broadly similar with inversion maxima of - 1500 m recognised on both interpretations.
16. Any weakening of the stratospheric inversion would affect convective processes and atmospheric circulation in general, thereby affecting weather and climate.
17. the inversion of normal word order.
18. This operation is called inversion and is symbolized i.
19. This inversion of power is indefensible.
20. Nipple inversion is quite common in normal breasts.
21. Anaphase bridges were used as indicators of inversion heterozygosity.
22. The ridge regression method is applied to impedance inversion.
23. A chord of C major with E in the bass is in the 1 st inversion.
24. This suggests the occurrence during primate evolution of a previously undescribed pericentric inversion subsequent to the cluster duplication.
25. It can be used to encourage competition on a racecourse and, by inversion(, to reduce aggression in public places.
26. This simple model assumes no increase in heat flow to accompany the inversion event.
27. Faulting is therefore mostly of Jurassic age although during the late Cretaceous it formed the locus for strong inversion and fault-block readjustment.
28. Those who have never been up a mountain when temperature inversion is at work have missed the most splendid sight.
29. But he also deconstructs the melody,( subjects it to counterpoint and inversion and renders it in ragtime rhythm.
30. Taking place on the trading floor was a strange inversion that be-came more apparent the longer management failed to grasp events.
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