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Stealthy in a sentence

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Sentence count:42+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-18Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: secretshiftyslysneakyunderhandedSimilar words: stealthilyhealthywealthywealthhealthhealthcarecommonwealthstealMeaning: ['stelθɪ]  adj. marked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed. 
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(1) I would creep in and with stealthy footsteps explore the second-floor.
(2) Somehow it fitted into my stealthy, secretive nature.
(3) There was stealthy movement at the edge of the wood.
(4) Fifty feet ahead, dolphins cut a stealthy path through oily waters.
(5) Yes, there it was again, a stealthy sound, quite close at hand.
(6) Stealthy bears grab seals at these icy holes.
(7) The cat crept with stealthy movements toward the bird.
(8) There's a touch of demon in his stealthy menace.
(9) A stealthy arctic fox steals across a snow-patched ridge in Canada's Hudson Bay.
(10) It was a stealthy sound made by someone anxious not to be heard.
(11) He took long stealthy strides. His hands were curiously cold.
(12) From this self - contained place rose in stealthy silence tall stems of smoke.
(13) To detect small stealthy botnet, a botnet detection model based on sequential analysis is proposed, which is a complement to contemporary passive detection technologies.
(14) Stealthy wire can be attached to branch, across a rock or by a watering hole.
(15) Her flexuous and stealthy figure became an integral part of the scene.
(16) Swift and stealthy, adult leopard seals tend to be solitary creatures[], hunting alone at the fringes of pack ice.
(17) You said a stealthy thief in chinese just for the funny pronunciation.
(18) I managed to get there by a series of stealthy movements.
(19) And his presence will cause others to become jealous, including the stealthy Jack of All Trades.
(20) The figure was always just ahead of him, crouched low but quick and stealthy.
(21) Journalists now subject him to the scrutiny he avoided in his stealthy rise.
(22) The YF-22 proved more manoeuvrable than its opponent, although marginally less stealthy.
(23) I stayed there for three days, until the snow began to melt, dripping in stealthy drops from my little roof.
(24) The research of radar scattering section(RCS) is always the most important problem concerned in the field of stealthy electronic countermeasures.
(25) Russia did the technical aggression by the wire telegraph in Outer Mongolia. It emerged the imperialist characteristics such as stealthy, two-faced and compromise.
(26) The cat found a bird sitting on the branch and crept stealthy movements toward it.
(27) In underwater acoustic engineering, improving precision of acoustic measurement for materials in free-field is very important in design of acoustic stealthy of underwater vehicle.
(28) R : So now trees are some kind of stealthy assassin?
(29) The engine has transformed the face ofwarfare, from the early days of steam locomotive troop transports tofuture electric or hybrid engines lofting up stealthy airborne robots.
(30) Narglatches have densely padded feet that silent their footfalls make them remarkably stealthy for their size.
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