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Sojourn in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2017-02-18Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: staystopoverSimilar words: adjournjourneyjournaljournalismjournalistjouleturnmournMeaning: ['sɑdʒɜrn /'sɒdʒɜːn]  n. a temporary stay (e.g., as a guest). v. spend a certain length of time; reside temporarily. 
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1. My sojourn in the youth hostel was thankfully short.
2. What became of most professionals after their brief sojourn in the game?
3. The film is about only a very brief sojourn in Gauguin's otherwise racy biography.
4. His sojourn in London provides some consolation of the non-arrival of the great Diz himself.
5. But my spirits in Cuzco this second sojourn in the city had been mercurial to say the least.
6. A cantankerous sojourn in Aberdeen ended when he was forcibly evicted from his lodgings.
7. He must sojourn in villages and hamlets.
8. Thus ended one man's sojourn in this world.
9. It would be cruel to begrudge your sojourn among flowers and fields.
10. German fictionist , composer Hoffman (1776, 1822) sojourn to the home of a parvenu of Berlin.
11. He could sojourn in the air for fifteen days and then go home safely.
12. And this is why I sojourn here Alone and palely loitering Though the sedge is withered from the lake, And no Birds sing.
13. I am already feeling better for my sojourn here; it is doing me good.
14. Sojourn in this land, and I will be with thee, and will bless thee.
15. Abram went down into Egypt to sojourn there, for the famine was sore in the land.
16. TYPICAL USE : During his sojourn in Africa he learned much about native customs.
17. Woe is me , that I sojourn in Mesech, that I dwell in the tents Kedar!
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18. We learn one more thing of interest from Aristeas' sojourn among the Issedones.
19. Equal parts amusing and excruciating to watch, this self-indulgent sojourn in suburbia is certainly no Defending Your Life.
20. Soon our yards will be filled with the sights and sounds of birds returning from their annual Southern sojourn.
21. The morning after, Jim Bob bears the scars of a sojourn in the moshpit.
22. Their background knowledge of an institution is typically and corporately small, and sojourn within its walls brief.
23. First though, let us explore the more tangible routes an essential oil may take on its sojourn through mind-body.
24. What did they think of us During their brief sojourn?
25. Lemuel Struthers, the widow of Struthers's Shoe-polish, who had returned the previous year from a long initiatory sojourn in Europe to lay siege to the tight little citadel of New York.
26. Nim's suit had been returned, seeming none the worse for its sojourn on the coal conveyor.
27. DQCA performs over IEEE 802.6 DQDB in fairness and message sojourn time.
28. For thus saith the Lord GOD, My people went down aforetime into Egypt to sojourn there; and the Assyrian oppressed them without cause.
29. She found beauty, too, in a marriage to Lyndon Baines Johnson that seemed to friends, at least for its first 20 years, to be a sojourn in hell.
30. These leeches, which were our inseparable companions during our sojourn in the Le country, seem to be peculiar to this part of the island.
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