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Inanimate in a sentence

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Sentence count:69Posted:2017-01-09Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: animateSimilar words: animateexanimateanimationanimaunanimousmagnanimousclimateultimateMeaning: [‚ɪn'ænɪmət]  adj. 1. belonging to the class of nouns denoting nonliving things 2. not endowed with life 3. appearing dead; not breathing or having no perceptible pulse. 
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1. A rock is an inanimate object.
2. A stone is an inanimate object.
3. He thought of the baby almost as an inanimate object.
4. He looks at me as if I'm an inanimate object.
5. She was naked(, and inanimate textiles lapped her skin.
6. It is that of the inanimate disposable object.
7. I accept that a golf ball is inanimate.
8. Everything animate and inanimate followed him.
9. They seek life's meaning in possessions, and use inanimate objects to tell other Earthlets who they are.
10. It forces them to tease out information from inanimate objects.
11. If either of these inanimate objects knows you are going to dump it, it will turn on you.
12. The whole Universe animate and inanimate, past, present and future is within me.
13. Only the inanimate objects in view were registered on the plates.
14. Consciousness rather than inanimate matter is the quintessence of his natural world.
15. Perhaps this represented a human victory over inanimate forces, or perhaps man merely judged it to be so.
16. After his stroke, he was able to name inanimate objects like saws and shovels, but unable to name most living things.
17. A few infections arise from inanimate sources: for example, pathogens that cause tetanus are harboured in the soil.
18. And yes, the baby is just your standard inanimate stage bundle.
19. This makes the study of human beings different from that of animals and of inanimate objects.
20. At this age, children are still unable to distinguish between animate and inanimate objects.
21. The distinction applies to nouns which refer to animate beings as well as those which refer to inanimate objects.
22. If we are imaginative enough we can project ourselves inside plants and inanimate objects as well as other animals.
23. Frankly, I never used to feel guilty about disappointing inanimate objects.
24. How can you get angry with a car? It's an inanimate object!
25. Some languages categorise not only living things as masculine or feminine, but inanimate objects as well.
26. Genes are not conscious and do not choose to cooperate; they are inanimate molecules switched on and off by chemical messages.
27. The fall back to the beast and beyond even that-to mere inanimate existence-is complete.
28. Some people, for example, take on the persona of an animal or a monster or an inanimate object.
29. For here lay no more than a piece of meat, oblivious, inanimate, an object to be examined without reverence.
30. Whereas human personality is present in bodies, divine personality is present in what is inanimate also.
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