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Ignominy in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2016-11-28Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: disgraceshameSimilar words: nomineenominallynominatenominationignoresign onignobleeconomicMeaning: ['ɪgnəmɪnɪ]  n. a state of dishonor. 
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1) He feared the ignominy of being exposed as a spy.
2) The Workers' Coalition experienced the ignominy of total defeat in the last election.
3) The 1954 campaign ended in ignominy.
4) The Brockton and Rhode Island experiments ended in ignominy.
5) The final ignominy was a third place in Delaware.
6) It was the final ignominy in the short,( troubled history of the club that nearly made it to the First Division.
7) And you stand condemned to centuries of ignominy, your well-polished plea unheard.
8) With visions of some touchdown-bound player slipping into ignominy, cleanup crews were quickly dispatched to clear the turf.
9) He could not watch this ignominy, however, and went upstairs to be alone in his private room.
10) They left them the ignominy of being beaten and then ignored.
11) They suffered the ignominy of defeat.
12) Gradually his feeling of ignominy and of rage sank.
13) Her sin, her ignominy, were the roots which she had struck into the soil.
14) Was she now to endure the ignominy of his abandoning her?
15) Despite ignominy of Watergate, President Nixon still wins praise for building bridges to China.
16) Ignominy thirsts for consideration.
17) Argyle survived the final bombardment and Shilton claimed afterwards he had even enjoyed his brush with ignominy.
18) But the Gentlemen had not reckoned with a Bastide newly heartened by glorying in Westbourne's ignominy.
19) Perhaps Tatyana Nowak took her life for fear of the ignominy of exposure as a spy.
20) By bringing me hither, to die this death of triumphant ignominy before the people!
21) When the wicked cometh, then cometh also contempt, and with ignominy reproach.
22) If they were caught, she would be thrown out in disgrace, dismissed with ignominy.
23) He can certainly try to find solution to cover his appearance, hides this kind of ignominy.
24) The index also reflects fears that other large funds will suffer the same ignominy as Bear's.
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