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Householder in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-03-09Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: householdshareholderbeholdenshoulderwarehouselandholderthe White HousefalsehoodMeaning: n. someone who owns a home. 
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1. The householder has a duty to take reasonable care for the visitor's safety.
2. The householder in the first earns £30,000.
3. The householder awakens from his slumber, somewhat surprised.
4. By that time the householder would need to buy a new collector.
5. As a householder you should pay particular attention to outdoor threaded bib-taps which are usually used for garden hoses and sprinklers.
6. There was a case where a householder escaped a claim for civil damages after he had stabbed an intruder with a bayonet!
7. Any strapped corporation or overdrawn householder knows that pushing a liability several years into the future is money saved.
8. For example, the use by the householder of a room as an office would not normally require permission.
9. Sanipet provide the householder with a 12-litre sealed plastic container, together with a handy scoop and spatula set.
10. No. 3 tells the groggy householder to get up so he can stick the knife in him.
11. Timber cladding also requires the householder to perform regular maintenance, as described above.
12. The householder makes the application and he/she must also be elderly.
13. Faced with economic doom and gloom, the average householder simply goes to the shops, according to a survey today.
14. The majority of people never progress beyond the householder stage.
15. The bad news for the average householder is written large, while the good news is in small print.
16. The householder devotees generally visited Sri Ramakrishna on Sunday afternoons and other holidays.
17. All this widespread culture the wealthy householder is the credit of the early Roman Empire.
18. The article returns discovery[], in householder lifetime belongings is accumulated appeared two high peak value.
19. Householder: Could you and mend a leak in a pipe?
20. Using complex QR decomposition and Householder transformation , the algorithm can be recursively implemented.
21. Based on Householder transformation, MPI + OpenMP hybrid parallel algorithm of tridiagonalizing a dense symmetric matrix is presented.
22. Weekly additional payments will no longer be available, and there will be no special householder rate.
23. This largely reflects the different composition of the case load, with fewer householder proposals, which almost always lack policies.
24. It can sometimes be difficult to establish who is the householder in a particular case.
25. He was fined $300,000,( an amount that would ruin the average householder.
26. Because the use requirement of domestic bedroom is met, produce change as the change of state of householder age and life.
27. The use of brush and spray methods is perhaps best known to the ordinary householder.
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