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Helium in a sentence

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Similar words: deliriumand the liketo the lifeon the lineto the limitdraw the linehelicopterheliocentricMeaning: ['hɪːlɪəm]  n. a very light colorless element that is one of the six inert gasses; the most difficult gas to liquefy; occurs in economically extractable amounts in certain natural gases (as those found in Texas and Kansas). 
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1. The balloons had been inflated with helium.
2. He inflated the balloons with helium.
3. Atoms of hydrogen are fused to make helium.
4. Helium and neon are inert gases.
5. Helium is a very light gas.
6. It's a helium filled balloon with a kite attached.
7. We inflated the balloons with helium.
8. This helium produced by radioactive decay, called radiogenic helium, consists of pure 4He.
9. The helium would seep up through fissures, and hence its natural occurrence near the hot springs.
10. I could see a silver helium airship over the city centre.
11. Inert gases such as helium have zero valencies. they do not normally form compounds.
12. The two orbiting electrons of the helium atom form a shell.
13. These solar gases contain a large amount of helium, the second most abundant element in the Sun.
14. The high abundances of hydrogen and helium are features of the giant planets also.
15. Helium was used over the fuel to maintain a constant pressure in the tank both at launch and during flight.
16. It is burning hydrogen into helium, like a controlled H-bomb.
17. Obviously there is a price to be paid in holding the liquid helium temperatures.
18. As with the service propulsion system, the propellants were force-fed to the engine by pressurized helium from a storage tank.
19. Visual effects feature largely in this community arts venture, and have included helium balloons and fireworks.
20. In any plausible way of forming Jupiter the hydrogen and helium are initially well mixed at a molecular level.
21. The job is made more difficult now because of self-sealing materials and the use of helium.
22. Uranium has two radioactive isotopes, each of which decays to an isotope of lead and helium.
23. Typically, the fuels are isotopes of the three lightest elements, hydrogen, helium, and lithium.
24. People left the auditorium that morning trailing their doubts behind them like children dragging exhausted helium balloons.
25. Methane condenses to form a cloud layer above the ammonia clouds, leaving a gas that is almost entirely hydrogen and helium.
26. The Paneth and Peters work was his speciality and he was enthused by the fact that some helium had apparently been found.
26. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
27. And the recently discovered structure of atoms gave them the idea that they could make helium out of hydrogen.
28. This again raises the temperature and pressure, until the thermonuclear burning of helium to carbon is ignited.
29. However, the story can be simplified without losing its essence by neglecting the helium for the time being.
30. These micro-refrigerators are commercially available, and avoid the explosion hazard of liquid hydrogen and the expense of liquid helium.
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