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Gaseous in a sentence

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Antonym: liquidsolidSimilar words: nose outlose outin case ofin the case ofhideouserroneouscourteousoutrageousMeaning: ['gæsɪəs]  adj. existing as or having characteristics of a gas. 
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1 The gaseous metal is cooled and condenses into liquid zinc.
2 Air whether in the gaseous or liquid state is a fluid.
3 Water exists in three states: liquid, gaseous, and solid.
4 Steam is water in its gaseous form.
5 Freon exists both in liquid and gaseous states.
6 Gaseous distension of the bowel causes considerable discomfort to the patient and increases transmural pressure.
7 Gaseous exchange at the alveolar surface is gravely hindered and the lesion is often accompanied by interstitial emphysema and pulmonary oedema.
8 A plain supine abdominal radiograph showed gaseous dilatation of the transverse colon and small bowel.
9 Table 3. 2 provides individual estimate for gaseous coal seams with the geometric mean used wherever a wide spread is given.
10 Some gaseous reactions involve changes in the number of moles of gas.
11 Gaseous oxides formed from sulphur, nitrogen and other substances also have to be scrubbed out and neutralised.
12 The gaseous metal is put in a closed container and cooled so that it condenses into liquid zinc.
13 A spark flew, igniting the gaseous oxygen in the tank.
14 It also deals with gaseous chemicals, specialised gas mixtures and high purity gases for the semiconductor industry.
15 Steam is water is the gaseous state.
16 A gaseous anesthetic, such as nitrous oxide.
17 Sometimes matter transforms into a gaseous state.
18 Vaporizers convert the liquid oxygen into a gaseous state.
19 Gaseous oxygen is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and nonflammable.
20 The new standards cut emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, gaseous hydrocarbons and particulate matter.
21 Oxygen is absorbed into the water by surface movement,( where a gaseous exchange takes place releasing carbon dioxide and absorbing oxygen.
22 Hence, the First Amendment, which is meant to encourage gaseous emissions from one and all.
23 This line divides the pressure-temperature conditions for the liquid phase from those for the gaseous phase.
24 Analogous distinctions between band envelopes may be made for Raman spectra of gaseous asymmetric tops, but they are not commonly used.
25 The walls of these are thick with blood vessels which absorb gaseous oxygen.
26 Quantitative measurements show that in methanogenic subjects the majority of gaseous hydrogen produced from fermentation is consumed by methanogenic bacteria.
27 Initially, the disk was extremely hot, so that its materials were largely in gaseous form.
28 This has walls thick with blood capillaries which absorb gaseous oxygen.
29 This is the technique of flash photolysis, and again it can be applied to gaseous or to liquid samples.
30 A nearby nebula, orange and pink, was the lurid gaseous residue of an explosion.
More similar words: nose outlose outin case ofin the case ofhideouserroneouscourteousoutrageouscourageousextraneouscourageouslydiscourteousspontaneoussimultaneouslyinstantaneousgasso long asas long asgasolineoutgassinggas chamberbecause ofmake use ofdispose offlabbergastedin the course ofmake full use ofat the expense ofcome outdie out
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