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Finality in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2017-03-19Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: originalityvenalitycommonalitypersonalityexternalitynationalityfinalfinallyMeaning: [faɪ'nælətɪ]  n. the quality of being final or definitely settled. 
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1. 'No', she said with finality.
2. Young children have difficulty grasping the finality of death.
3. There was a note of finality in his voice.
4. 'No!' he said with finality.
5. The word 'retirement' has a terrible air of finality about it.
6. She closed the lid with a snap of finality.
7. There's a dreadful finality about cutting down a tree.
8. She announced her impending departure with finality and sadness in her voice.
9. The words had been spoken with the finality of a full stop.
10. Aquinas himself saw no finality in the solutions offered by either Aristotle or Ptolemy to the problems of planetary motion.
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11. When an enactment is passed there is finality unless and until it is amended or repealed by Parliament.
12. Several efforts to reach finality have failed and the situation remains unresolved.
13. That's how the heat hits you, with finality but no forewarning.
14. Nothing alive in the world closes with such finality as the jaws of a conger eel.
15. There seemed a finality in their decisions.
16. It is a confession of finality.
17. He spoke with curt finality.
18. "Not this time, Faye," he replied with finality.
19. There seemed a finality in their decisios.
20. It has to be unfair to put some one through the stress of a trial without finality.
21. There is no way forward beyond; the sumps represent finality.
22. For me, drawing, designing, although coming from a very natural instinct, never has an esthetic finality.
23. The year-end ones were the worst, heavy with the finality of a judicial summing-up.
24. I remember the strange feeling I had when I left the square that night, a feeling of finality.
25. Disputes over authorship are fiercely fought, and in the nature of things, frequently impossible to resolve with finality.
26. She entered the kitchen from the back gate closing the door on the small yard with a click of finality.
27. Some of the cushions and shoes dangled from cords attached to the ceiling, suggesting the somber finality of a gallows.
28. There were various more or less half-hearted attempts to get over the finality of this selection.
29. In the various elements of process stability, the inextricably elements related with loss of rights system are ordering, irreversibility, time-bound and finality of procedure.
30. Final settlement should occur no later than the end of the settlement day. Intraday or real-time finality should be provided where necessary to reduce risks.
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