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Fauna in a sentence

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Sentence count:112Posted:2017-03-22Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: animalanimate beingbeastbrutecreaturezoologySimilar words: faultfaultyfaucetfaux pasdefaultfind faultauntgauntMeaning: ['fɔːnə]  n. 1. all the animal life in a particular region or period 2. a living organism characterized by voluntary movement. 
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1 Tourism is damaging the flora and fauna of the island.
2 Shallow Pools and Crevices Considerable variation in shore fauna can occur even in the same stretch of coast.
3 In Rome her proper name was Fauna or Damia, and her nocturnal orgiastic ceremonies were restricted to women.
4 The flora and fauna and even the folklore of his adopted Arizona home are a big theme.
5 The soil fauna may also be developing, as a topsoil accumulates.
6 Intensification of cold allowed the arctic flora and fauna to spread southward; amelioration encouraged repossession of the borderlands by temperate species.
7 If so, then modern vent fauna should be largely unchanged from those that existed hundreds of millions of years ago.
8 The scene depicts a forest, with flora and fauna changing with the seasons.
9 The result is a digitized display of flora, fauna and visual effects.
10 New flora and fauna find homes here; the weather, even the climate, changes.
11 We seem to be discovering here a mythic fauna not far removed from that provided in the descriptions of Aristeas.
12 Dinosaurs also had a larger digestive tract that seemed to have co-evolved with the changes in Earth's flora and fauna.
13 In addition to spray drift, intensive farming has a destructive effect on the surrounding fauna and flora.
14 The verderers also have powers for the preservation of the natural beauty and the flora and fauna of the forest.
15 Apart from the effects of afforestation and reforestation on flora and fauna, there are other environmental implications.
16 The implications of continued losses on the flora and fauna of some of the habitats concerned is discussed.
17 A separate pull line is joined to a release pin or spring-loaded wire hanger so that the fauna can be dropped at will.
18 But to do it without damaging the flora and fauna, horse power still reigns supreme.
19 Each place will tend to support a particular kind of instrument, depending on geographical factors and the available flora and fauna.
20 This size limitation means that harvester ant assemblages are not good indicators of the local mammalian fauna.
21 In forestry,[] these chemicals can lead to a decline in water quality and to declines in aquatic fauna and flora.
22 The tropical forests can provide a home for such a specialized and diverse fauna because they undergo very little seasonal change.
23 Charles Darwin sought to document the entirety of the Earth's flora and fauna.
24 The Limestone Link will take walkers through a rare limestone area with a wide variety of flora and fauna and limestone pavements.
25 Sheffield has a very active Natural History Society, which has accumulated a good knowledge of this city's fauna.
26 There are several footpaths around the village, which during the summer months provide a rich variety of flora and fauna.
27 They were discovered by environmentalists doing a survey of the region's flora and fauna.
28 Both the white and black smokers supported the same odd fauna that thrived at the Galapagos Ridge.
29 Equitability depends on two things, the original equitability of the small mammal fauna and the degree of predator selectivity.
30 All these tropical areas have their own brackish flora and fauna, but few if any are known in the trade.
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