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Enliven in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2016-12-08Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: brightencheerinspirestimulateSimilar words: enlistedenlightenenlightenmentliveliveraliveoutlivelive onMeaning: [ɪn'laɪvn]  v. 1. heighten or intensify 2. make lively. 
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1) Humour can help enliven a dull subject.
2) He sidetracked to enliven the atmosphere.
3) How can we enliven this party?
4) Flowers enliven any room.
5) Paintings by West Marin artists enliven their living room.
6) The prolonged competition could serve to enliven the debate.
7) BEACH-COMBER Enliven an autumn palette with shades of citrus and spice, then indulge yourself in cashmere.
8) With no suspense about the outcome to enliven the potentially dull political proceedings, the Republicans embraced the popular world of entertainment.
9) How can we enliven our party?
10) The Mansfield theatricals would enliven the whole neighbourhood exceedingly.
11) With when spurt, initiate new phase, enliven again.
12) To impart interest or zest to; enliven.
13) Yeats's "Sailing to Byzantium" can enliven a journey on any waters,[] and it will never be forgotten if you recite it on the Bosporus.
14) Such age can also enliven the tennis field is rare, the Asian players is an example.
15) Holiday decorations enliven downtown Kalamazoo, one of the first American cities to close streets for a pedestrian shopping mall in 1959.
16) The city's murals can enliven an otherwise drab location. Here is "Butterflies in the Caribbean" at 163 Susquehanna.
17) There are several measures to enliven the market in the plan of commercial development this year.
18) To enliven our economy, we should support the legal individual trade.
19) In the secondary market, this quantity can enliven, has temporarily.
20) The implications of the National Curriculum on our determination to enliven the learning process are not wholly discouraging.
21) And as you teach all subjects in the Junior School, you will be able to let Art enliven all your work.
22) Alien in themselves, they represent a rather pathetic attempt to enliven city centres which are essentially lifeless.
23) They have a unique flavour and need only to be used sparingly to enliven the dullest of dishes.
24) The breakfast used is not of the ruff-core variety, it's employed subtly throughout and will enliven your regular cuppa.
25) As a general rule, mild mustards should be served with spicy foods and hot, fiery varieties to enliven bland food.
26) Everyone preens in lounge suit, new gown and eye-alluring hat; food and drink mellow and enliven.
27) The present article mainly discusses the negative influence of Chinas lowage retirement policy on pension, competition to enliven economy, accumulation and consumption and employment.
28) He will also meet the beguiling and exasperating Lady Cygnet, an opera singer, who promises to enliven and complicate Frost's life in future volumes.
29) Objecting to the tenderness and aloofness of humor and the vulgarism of humor, Lu Xun advocated a new concept of humor to criticize the reality, improve the work, and enliven life.
30) Quite the contrary - the events you participate in this month will enliven all else that you do.
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