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Drone in a sentence

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Synonym: buzzhumidlerloaferunemployedSimilar words: dodecahedronphilodendrondrowndropdropsdrolldroopadroitMeaning: [drəʊn]  n. 1. stingless male bee in a colony of social bees (especially honeybees) whose sole function is to mate with the queen 2. an unchanging intonation 3. someone who takes more time than necessary; someone who lags behind 4. an aircraft without a pilot that is operated by remote control 5. a pipe of the bagpipe that is tuned to produce a single continuous tone. v. 1. make a monotonous low dull sound 2. talk in a monotonous voice. 
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1 Don't drone away the precious years of youth.
2 Outside the tent I could hear the constant drone of insects.
3 He spoke in a low drone.
4 The passenger's idle thoughts were backgrounded by the drone of the plane's engines.
5 I listened to the engine drone on until I fell asleep.
6 He wouldn't drone when he may live by honest labour.
7 The minister's voice was a relentless drone.
8 The drone of his voice made me feel sleepy.
9 The planes flew overhead with a low drone.
10 I fall asleep to the drone of sirens and helicopters overhead.
11 They needed the repetition, the dense hypnotic drone of woods and water,[] but above all they needed to be together.
12 And the noise settles to an unobtrusive drone at highway cruising speeds.
13 She heard the drone of some bees in the garden and the angry chatter of birds disputing over their seeds.
14 She was labeled a welfare drone.
15 It sounded so comfortable and reassuring,( like the drone of a distant mowing machine through the class-room window at school.
16 The drone had become a hiccup - a variation on a theme of coughing and spluttering.
17 Spacers in livery jostled with porters, human and drone.
18 Didn't she hear it, the drone, the hum, that awful, teasing, dreary hum?
19 Out of the drone of insect life around us I could distinguish the sound of an aeroplane engine.
20 Oswald lay still, aware of a drone in the block, a heaving breath, grimness, massive sleep.
21 Words drone and a family of flies stagger through the heavy air as if in pursuit of them.
22 Again, a palm across the mouthpiece and the drone of conversation in the background.
23 Remarkable how long a nasal drone and a cheap synth can sustain a man.
24 The medieval lord of the manor was what some today would call a drone.
25 There was a click, but she stood listening to the dial tone, steadied by its urgent drone.
26 But everyone gave the spy plane, nicknamed the Dragon Drone, high marks for simplicity and usefulness.
27 A decision to lay off 10% of the work force tells the old story of the drone worker.
28 There he crowded against other inhabitants in mutual discomfort as the drone of bombers drew near.
29 Cassie woke just after first light to hear the drone of their engines fading in the direction of the sea.
30 The sudden breeze introduced through the open door disturbed the orbit of the drone and sent the Doctor drifting slowly backwards.
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