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Disturbingly in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-03-26Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: disturbingdisturbdisturbanceturbinemasturbateharbingerseeminglyjokinglyMeaning: adv. in a disturbing manner. 
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(1) Pollution has reached disturbingly high levels in some urban areas.
(2) But human culture is disturbingly frail.
(3) This is a disturbingly high total.
(4) And more disturbingly for the other clubs with ambition, the display promises even greater deeds.
(5) More disturbingly, military statistics seemed to confirm the findings on poverty by Charles Booth and Llewellyn-Smith.
(6) Valenzuela's experience suggest - disturbingly - that it could happen to anyone.
(7) It is part of a disturbingly unilateralist world view that extends beyond defence.
(8) Others were disturbingly abstract(, and Hawk could give her no clue as to their exact meaning.
(9) Much desired, and disturbingly handsome, the Passat attracts all sorts of buyers.
(10) Experts see the rise in borrowing as disturbingly reminiscent of the credit boom in the 1980s.
(11) Older, more cynical hands may find this disturbingly familiar.
(12) The violins in this piece dissonated disturbingly.
(13) Disturbingly, these forecasts seem to be coming true.
(14) The details of the kidnaper's letter had sounded disturbingly convincing.
(15) It is also disturbingly clear that logo design has become a public sport.
(16) There is a disturbingly high number of teenagers who are addicted to cigarettes.
(17) And both companies have become disturbingly comfortable letting their jousts be mediated by Washington -- a sign of precocious corporatism.
(18) Disturbingly, plagiarism fits into a larger pattern of behavior in China.
(19) Disturbingly, scientists have known since the 1960 s that MSG kills brain cells in young animals.
(20) Technical problems To the naked eye the brain has a disturbingly homogeneous appearance.
(21) The Lucas boys kept their model railway in the house and their cries penetrated the professor's study disturbingly.
(22) KINETON/Warwickshire Time allowed 02:24 It's a training exercise ... but for the bomb squad this scenario is disturbingly real.
(23) Through the gaping openings between the novel's paragraphs, they are disturbingly re-inserted into the processes of history and power.
(24) It is not surprising that the mortality due to feather pecking, cannibalism and parasitic diseases can be disturbingly high.
(25) Today, the risks of large - scale capital flows across frontiers are all too disturbingly evident.
(26) Just as a virus Brooks calls "Solanum" turns people into zombies, the four contagions we describe below can create a zombie workplace — where creative people and good ideas disturbingly molder.
(27) Lawrence Solomon may well be a great communicator, but the author of The Deniers also is a frontline voice for a disturbingly large and influential denial industry, writes George Marshall .
(28) The researchers made some video of robot's expressions are disturbingly lifelike.
(29) Just last week, a study in Environmental Health Perspectives found disturbingly high levels of a flame-retardant chemical in a sample of butter.
(30) The spiders are usually fried with sugar, salt and garlic, and is a mouthful of complex textures, starting from the 'moreish, ' cod-like head and body , to the disturbingly gooey abdomen.
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