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Incendiary in a sentence

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Synonym: arsonistfirebombfirebugincendiary bombincitiveinflammatoryinstigativerabble-rousingseditiousSimilar words: diaryauxiliaryindiaIndianbeneficiarypenitentiaryend inascendMeaning: [ɪn'sendɪerɪ /-dɪərɪ]  n. 1. a criminal who illegally sets fire to property 2. a bomb that is designed to start fires; is most effective against flammable targets (such as fuel). adj. 1. involving deliberate burning of property 2. arousing to action or rebellion 3. capable of catching fire spontaneously or causing fires or burning readily. 
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1. Five incendiary devices were found in her house.
2. The soldiers were trained to deal with incendiary attacks.
3. An incendiary device exploded in the store, setting fire to furniture.
4. Incendiary devices have caused millions of pounds in damage.
5. There were high-explosive and incendiary bombs of various types available, but no combination weapon.
6. The caller claimed three incendiary devices had been planted at the Vineyards.
7. We had two incendiary bombs, but they were in the canteen.
8. Then a series of cassette-sized incendiary devices were carefully hidden in a number of stores.
9. An incendiary device exploded setting fire to furniture, but the blaze was brought under control.
10. But taxes, earlier considered the incendiary device of the race, may no longer be so.
11. Firemen found more than a dozen incendiary devices in the offices near Borden, Hants, used by scientists to study squirrels.
12. On the other hand, their behavior is too incendiary to go unchecked.
13. But the incendiary devices were different from those used in previous arson attacks by the extremist group.
14. A blue flash like an incendiary, the child did not start, but leaned closer to the pane.
15. In its place is a new rhetoric, an incendiary rhetoric, a rhetoric of vitriolic accusation.
16. The incendiary charges Manolo's experts had set up earlier in the day went up on schedule.
17. Post racist, incendiary, or otherwise objectionable content.
18. A near hit by the incendiary bomb.
19. There can be no reasoning with an incendiary bomb.
20. Ammo Training: Incendiary, Cryo, Disruptor.
21. But his image never entirely lost its incendiary appeal.
22. They had it that the fire was incendiary.
23. Incendiary bombs rained down over the little town.
24. An incendiary bomb would leave a fire behind; a nuclear bomb would leave lingering traces of radiation in the victim for a long time to come.
25. Equally hard fell but far less incendiary concerns flowed freely after that.
26. The explosion seems to have been caused by an incendiary device.
27. Precisely what was said between them to prompt the scuffle remains a fairly well-kept secret,[] but conditions certainly were incendiary enough.
28. Sources said the explosion seemed to have been caused by an incendiary device.
29. Bates plays Kushnick with shrill, profane gusto, literally scorching the earth with her incendiary lungs.
30. The disease can also occur in those who work around "dry-cell batteries, anti-knock gasoline additives, pesticides, pigments, dyes, inks and incendiary devices.
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