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Objectivity in a sentence

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Sentence count:141Posted:2017-01-28Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: objectivecollectivityobjectionsubjectiveactivityobjectproductivitysensitivityMeaning: ['ɑbdʒek'tɪvətɪ /'ɒb-]  n. judgment based on observable phenomena and uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices. 
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(1) Surely true objectivity in a critic is impossible?
(2) The judge had a reputation for complete objectivity.
(3) There was a lack of objectivity in the way the candidates were judged.
(4) The poll, whose objectivity is open to question, gave the party a 39% share of the vote.
(5) It's built round itself an aura of godlike objectivity.
(6) Comparison is the only true litmus test of objectivity.
(7) Gummer makes no pretence of objectivity in his text.
(8) The ultimate in objectivity is credit scoring.
(9) The purer forms of objectivity do not always aid an investigation to the degree that is often assumed.
(10) Objectivity of the scientific and economic ilk has progressively driven out the Utopianism which had previously permeated science and technology.
(11) It was an attempt to preserve her objectivity, but it could not suppress a rising panic.
(12) The success of Reuter's agency lay in its objectivity, speed, and even-handed treatment of clients.
(13) In practice, objectivity is the main constraint on achieving more relevant financial statements.
(14) Showing for feedback and objectivity letting the pie cool. 6.
(15) CenterLine's software can now define object classes with Objectivity/DB and interactively access Objectivity/DB objects.
(16) But Peckinpah is unable to create any objectivity towards the sadistic spectacle, in the manner of, say, Akira Kurosawa.
(17) The best reasons are the objectivity and credibility of an independent audit.
(18) The psychiatrist must learn to maintain an unusual degree of objectivity.
(19) Personal disinterest in a programme content will help your objectivity in assessing its potential for your public relations purposes.
(20) Here we see that Bourdieu criticizes structuralism for its assumptions, not of too little[], but of too much scientific objectivity.
(21) They seem to lay claim to being purely of the mind's eye, a manifestation of pure objectivity.
(22) It challenges their authority and specialisms and notions of objectivity.
(23) Integrity, validity and reliability merited one mention each and objectivity got two.
(24) To identify people by name can be seen to detract from the objectivity of the report.
(25) Humanist psychology seems to avoid traditional psychology's obsession with objectivity.
(26) Even less has there been evidence of any real correlation of objectivity itself with literacy practice.
(27) They have definite life styles and political values, which are concealed under a rhetoric of objectivity.
(28) Objectively I looked like a pile of coathangers, but objectivity was some-thing I had lost long ago.
(29) Their attempts to provide more objective methods do not challenge the gender bias involved in psychological notions of objectivity.
(30) Conventional psychology's principal methodological demand is for the kind of objectivity promised by the laboratory experiment.
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