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Silkworm in a sentence

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Similar words: silktalk withmilkmilkingsillysilentsilverfossilMeaning: n. 1. hairless white caterpillar of the Asian silkworm moth; source of most commercial silk 2. larva of a saturniid moth; spins a large amount of strong silk in constructing its cocoon. 
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1. Silkworm die silk, wax torch party ash into tears beginning to dry.
2. Silkworm culture is practised in order to get silk.
3. The silkworm spins cocoon.
4. A silkworm spins a cocoon that can yield 800 metres of pure silk.
5. And the lady dressed by the silkworm was probably oblivious to everything.
6. This article outline research progress of silkworm moth.
7. This article outline research progress of male silkworm moth.
8. "But if you look at a silkworm, it only has one kind of spinneret," she added.
9. Snacking on silkworm moth larvae or adding blitzed bees to sauces could offer a much-needed solution to soaring costs of red meat.
10. The silkworm chrysalis skin is a kind of waste after removing pupa oil and protein.
11. How the toad changed into the silkworm resulted from the homophony of the two words, the flourishing of silk knitting, the imagination and exaggeration of literators.
12. The mulberry silkworm belongs to Bombycidae. It is an insect of complete metamorphosis. There are four stages of its life: egg, larva, pupa and moth.
13. Silkworm mulberry was built to publicize leadership group on the village.
14. The unspoken mobilization order for the silkworm campaign reached everywhere and everyone.
15. Silkworm been dead while last silk ended. Candles burn into ash still have tears on.
16. The gloss of the nature yellow silkworm silk was better than the normal white silkworm silk and the Antheraea pernyi silk.
17. It is Shandong where wild silkworm was earliest reared, and pongee as well as mulberry silks produced.
18. The different distilling methods freeze- method and dialyze- method of tussah and silkworm sericin were studied.
19. Fibrous material taken from the silk gland of a silkworm before it spins a cocoon, used for fishing tackle.
20. So it is important for the sericultural farmer to adopt silkworm rearing techniques for saving labour and reducing the labour cost of production cost.
21. The medium mainly containing rice and the pupa of silkworm was used to cultivate the sporocarp of Cordyceps militaris.
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22. Objective : To explore the mechanism of hypoglycemic action of silkworm cocoon.
23. AIM: To study the effects of co-amino acids extracted from silkworm chrysalis on nourish and concrescence of wound in surgical hurt rats.
24. The favourite traditional Chinese medicines of Ye are Cynanchum, Sunburn silkworm, deer grass, etc.
25. Objective : To study the effects of protein in silkworm chrysalis on immunological function of mice.
26. Azelaic semialdehyde, dodecanoic acid and 9-lauroleic acid were found in silkworm pupal fatty acids for the first time.
27. At present, pebrine influence seriously on the egg-production of silkworm.
28. The wing disc is one of the imaginal discs of the silkworm, which locates the two sides of the 2nd and 3rd thoracic section and grows separately into adult wing.
29. In this paper, we established the HPLC fingerprint of methanol extracts from white muscardine silkworm to reflect its internal chemical information and evaluate its quality.
30. A highly efficient method was developed for primary cell culture of Chinese silkworm ( Bombyx mori ) ovaries.
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