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Disseminator in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-12-13Updated:2017-12-13
Similar words: disseminatedisseminatingdisseminationdiscriminatoryinseminateseminationinseminationminatoryMeaning: n. someone who spreads the news. 
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1. My life goal is to be a culture disseminator.
2. The boundary of disseminator and receiver became illegibility , Information exchange is much more complex and frequent than ever before.
3. Should strengthen the information literacy education disseminator discipline teacher's information accomplishment.
4. The role of Eastern Miscellany, the monthly "selected collections", as information filter and "disseminator", should not be ignored when dailies were popular among the readers.
5. In English teaching, the teacher is the beautiful disseminator, the student is the beautiful practitioner.
6. Han Zhen is an important successor and disseminator of nature view of Taizhou school.
7. Language model which reports live the disseminator that the main research of this subject takes soccer announcer as an example, analyze their characteristic style.
8. "As a disseminator of the news, " states one of those principles, "the paper shall observe the decencies that are obligatory upon a private gentleman.
9. Mission:To be a disseminator of business intelligence; to be the most valuable wisdom library.
10. As a disseminator of environment protection, designers should emphasize social and ethic values, and turn the old idea for stimulating consumption into a new idea for rational consumption.
11. This thesis is about a research on disseminator influence of star spokesman in TV advertisement.
12. A limited defence is provided by the Obscene Publications Act for those defendants who act merely as innocent disseminators of obscene material.
13. Information is our stock-in-trade, and we should see ourselves as custodians, users, and disseminators of information.
14. Abettors, who instigate others to commit crimes, are not only the instigators but also the disseminator of criminal intent.
15. Subscriber understands and acknowledges that each Authorizing SRO and Other Data Disseminator has a proprietary interest in the Market Data that originates on or derives from it or its market(s).
16. College teacher is the owner of knowledge, is also the creator and disseminator of knowledge.
17. From its very beginning, copyright law always pursues the balance among author, disseminator, and user.
18. The neighbouring right, from essential speak, refers to the right that disseminator of works should have during the process of propagating the works.
19. Sociologically speaking, the university teacher is a learned person and scholar, who isa combined body of knowledge disseminator, knowledge organizer, knowledge contributor and knowledge creator.
20. As the fourth media, network has more advantages than the press, broadcasting, movie and TV. First, everyone can be information promulgator, disseminator and embracer.
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21. So, I hope you young elite from all walks of life in Xialu District concentrate to study and work, strive to be a disseminator of scientific spirit by participating in this activity.
22. They are the reader first, file service are supreme; the principle performer, the humanities atmosphere serves in particular environment buiki, the humanities spirit; the disseminator.
23. Fashion is the beacon of vogue, the pioneer in market, the disseminator of culture, and a significant existence in community orientation.
24. Is similar to the overwhelming majority thunderbolt, the network becomes the first disseminator .
25. As the elite, Akhund is not only the inheritor and disseminator of Islam, but also the elucidator and defender of Sharia and Islam religious doctrine.
26. Starts from oneself, starts from the minor matter periphery, with own spoken language each person who affects with the behavior, makes a green idea initiator and wish disseminator .
27. The press campaign personnel are the ideology political works inventor, the practitioner, the disseminator, the pusher.
28. The process of knowledge diffusion is influenced by learning capacity of knowledge receptors, reputation of knowledge disseminator, conditions of communication between members, etc.
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