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Prostitute in a sentence

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Similar words: substituteinstitutedestituteconstituterestitutioninstitutionconstitutioninstitutionalMeaning: ['prɑstɪtuːt /'prɒstɪtjuːt]  n. a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money. v. sell one's body; exchange sex for money. 
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(1) A prostitute was soliciting on the street.
(2) She became a prostitute in order to pay for her cocaine habit.
(3) He does not prostitute his talents.
(4) She didn't look like a prostitute. She wasn't even wearing any make-up.
(5) A prostitute lives off immoral earnings.
(6) Hooter: We should use new name -- prostitute person!
(7) Jack picks up a prostitute, Georgette, at a cafe.
(8) The term courtesan is rarely used of a prostitute.
(9) Ken: Well, you've picked up a very pretty prostitute.
(10) How shameful he is to prostitute his honour.
(11) Do not prostitute your daughter.
(12) Government-owned prostitute of Song Chao, from wide admit, not only become malefactor family member male prostitute, be grabbed even avowedly come, force fine is prostitute!
(13) That every feeble-minded woman is a potential prostitute would hardly be disputed by anyone.
(14) Key words: In Republic Period; Prostitute system of NanNing; Abnormal phenomenon.
(15) One Popayan prostitute told RCN TV that some soldiers spent four straight days in a brothel.
(16) SANTIAGO (Reuters) - A Chilean prostitute has auctioned 27 hours of sex to raise money for the country's largest charity during an annual fund-raising campaign.
(17) How can this university prostitute itself with this dictator here?
(18) The prostitute industry firstly started in the religious rite in ancient Greece.
(19) She was arrested and charged with being a common prostitute.
(20) When I asked him if he had ever been to a prostitute he said he wouldn't degrade himself like that.
(21) The spy was caught by a policewoman who posed as a prostitute.
(22) He admitted last week he paid for sex with a prostitute.
(23) The law is vulnerable to being manipulated or abused to serve injustice, and vulture lawyers simply rape the law and prostitute justice to serve the unscrupulous and guilty for profits. Dr T.P.Chia 
(24) Jacob is a deceiver; Joseph is an arrogant, spoiled brat; Judah reneges on his obligations to his daughter-in-law and goes off and sleeps with a prostitute.
(25) It was here that landlord John Bowyer, on November 9, 1888, knocked on a door to get the rent from a prostitute, Mary Kelly.
(26) It surely should go without saying that being a prostitute and being raped are two different activities.
(27) No Israelite man or woman is to become a shrine prostitute.
(28) The creation of red-light district, prostitution legal, the male prostitute who is bound to increase significantly.
(29) The whole book of Hosea makes a gigantic analogy between Hosea's marriage to a prostitute and Gd's marriage to the Israel.
(30) Unlike whisk, whore has a reputable etymology, going all the way to Indo-European (among its cognates are Latin carus and Old Irish cara "friend"); Goths called a prostitute hors.
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