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Curbed in a sentence

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Similar words: absorbedbarbed wirecurbbe absorbed insherbetbarberforbearforbearingMeaning: [kɜːb] adj. held back from some action especially by force. 
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1. Inflation needs to be curbed in Russia.
2. Advertising aimed at children should be curbed.
3. The impulse to hit is curbed by hunching the shoulders.
4. He curbed the tribal chiefs and imposed a secular legal code.
5. The older drugs also curbed replication, but at another point in the virus' life cycle.
6. He curbed his temper.
7. While the incident curbed her wilder high jinks, Diana was always game for a dare.
8. So is the will of a living daughter curbed by the will of a dead father.
9. The falling tendency of export was curbed and began to pick up.
10. Time curbed the artist's pride and the philistine's vulgarity.
11. The new industrial relations legislation curbed the power of the unions.
12. Tight credit has already curbed new and gas development, and the trend appears likely to continue.
13. He curbed it, I think, as a resolute rider would curb a rearing steed.
14. He curbed the impulse, arising out of his sea - training.
15. They could only be curbed by an awful severity.
16. The temptation to exploit consumers usually prevails unless it is curbed.
16. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
17. That does not automatically mean, however, that the money supply has been curbed, and there is considerable evidence to the contrary.
18. When they came to power in 1970 the Conservatives decided that public expenditure on local authority housing needed to be curbed.
19. In recent years, lead levels have fallen as regulations have curbed lead in paint, gas and other products.
20. He does not wish to be misled, or to have his options curbed by rash declarations that prove to be untrue.
21. The only way that illegal wildlife trade will be successfully curbed is by governments committing more time and resources to do so.
22. He basically defended the concept but acknowledged excesses that could be curbed.
23. Several officials at the central bank have said lending should be curbed.
24. Land grant, high tax rate and bank loans fuel the rising of the housing prices in China and so if the rising trend of the housing prices is to be curbed, drastic measures should be taken.
25. He argues, preposterously , that climate change can be curbed without spending much money.
26. The last home secretary in John Major's Conservative government built prisons, toughened sentences and curbed freedoms.
27. The setting up of a credible oversight authority has curbed police brutality.
28. New headquarters built for the Interstate Commerce Commission celebrated government regulation, which reined in market forces and curbed capitalism.
29. Men are admitted into Heaven not because they have curbed and governed their passions.
30. The corruption still comes out as the top social problem on the current social stage, for the sake that the corruptive crime, such as the embezzlement and bribe, hasn't yet been curbed effectively.
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