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Adsorbent in a sentence

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Sentence count:90Posted:2017-03-07Updated:2017-03-07
Similar words: absorbedbe absorbed inforbearcastor beanforbearanceabsorbbentincumbentMeaning: n. a material having capacity or tendency to adsorb another substance. adj. having capacity or tendency to adsorb or cause to accumulate on a surface. 
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1) In this study the efficacy of adsorbents as antiendotoxin agents in a hapten induced rat model of colitis is investigated.
2) Physical deterioration of adsorbent is not a problem.
3) FCC diesel was refined with special terra alba adsorbent and the refined diesel stability has been improved.
4) The ZrO(OH)2 as a selective adsorbent was used to quickly and low cost adsorb and remove SO42- from washing brine.
5) This work presented that 4-MEP adsorbent had high IgG sorption capacity and selectivity in human plasma. It shows excellent application prospect in the field of apheresis.
6) The alkali-treated "cage" polyamidoxime adsorbent (BCAO) possesses the high adsorptivity for the adsorption of carboxylic acids.
7) This kind of adsorbent possesses a good adsorption dynamic characteristics.
8) It is shown that the improved coal ash adsorbent can obviously heighten the absorptivity of ions.
9) When choosing adsorbent should pay attention to the following problem.
10) Brief introduction of decolorant mechanism of various adsorbent decolorants is made, and research achievements on it in recent years are summarized.
11) FCC diesel was refined with special alba adsorbent and the refined diesel stability has been improved.
12) Ti - modified silica gel monolithic adsorbent was prepared by impregnation - deposition method.
13) A natural macromolecule adsorbent - modified chitosan ( VCG ) was prepared by using chitosan with vanillin.
14) The alkali - treated cage adsorbent ( BCAO ) possesses the high adsorptivity for the adsorption of carboxylic acids.
15) The paper explores the static equilibrium adsorption and adsorbent kinetic properties of methamidophos,( patulin and brown substance in apple juice on adsorbent resin under coexistent conditions.
16) The mesoporous adsorbent material of the invention has orderly mesoporous opening structure and composition of SiO2; amino modification of the surface of the material can be carried out.
17) Experimental results show that the equilibrium adsorbate uptake we of composite adsorbent can reach to 0.
18) It may be used as the core of fine capsules, adsorbent for adsorbing different functional substances.
19) In this paper, it was discussed that the study on producing pitch-smoke adsorbent with calcined-coke in self-baking electrolyze aluminum factories.
20) Chelation can be taken between amidoxime group in amidoxime chelate fiber and some metal ions. The adsorbent has better adsorbability.
21) Cetylamine was used for modification treatment of clay, with organic clay adsorbent obtained. Results of adsorption and decolorization with the said adsorbent were evaluated.
22) After the serum that contained uremic toxins being treated with the adsorbent, the uric acid and hippuric acid contents in it could be recovered to normal level.
23) The thermodynamic and kinetic characteristics of adsorbing tetrachloroethane on adsorbent M were studied via static adsorption experiments.
24) The effects of treating the miscella with a color adsorbent prior to evaporating the solvent from the oil, the conditions of degumming and degumming agents on the soybean lecithin color were reviewed.
25) This study examines the properties and microstructure of rayon - based fiber ( ACF ) adsorbent modified by supporting silver.
26) The harm and function mechanism based on molecular were described, the research situations of adsorbent of mycotoxin were summarized, and the future research direction were prospected.
27) Some mineral materials can be used as carriers, blending agents and adsorbent of agriculture chemistry.
28) Through the adsorbing experiment of phenol, the phenol - adsorption isotherm of the gangue - based adsorbent was obtained.
29) Activated carbon fiber is a new type of high efficiency adsorbent.
30) The adsorption from binary mixtures of acetic, propionic and butyric acids has been studied systematically, by using sugar charcoal as adsorbent.
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