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Centrifugal in a sentence

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Antonym: centripetalSimilar words: centrifugal forcecentrifugecentristeccentricgeocentricegocentricconcentricgentrificationMeaning: [sen'trɪfjʊgl]  adj. 1. tending to move away from a center 2. tending away from centralization, as of authority 3. conveying information to the muscles from the CNS. 
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(1) Centrifugal machines are connected to the motor drive directly instead of through a gearbox.
(2) The civil war reinforced the centrifugal tendencies at work within the economy.
(3) The juice is extracted by centrifugal force.
(4) The centrifugal force is not influenced by temperature. 27.
(5) Centrifugal launchers did at least recognise a genuine need, even if they were not themselves the solution.
(6) A failure of a centrifugal pump, also in February, resulted in a small release of carbon tetrachloride.
(7) They have inertia, mass and momentum and obey centrifugal force.
(8) Mr Gorbachev is resisting centrifugal pressure, but leaving the door open for future change in party's status.
(9) Our Falconet target aircraft uses a centrifugal launcher as its principal method of getting airborne.
(10) Then came cheap oil, electricity, and the motorized centrifugal pump.
(11) Although we were unaware of the wartime centrifugal launcher proposals, we have never claimed to have invented the idea.
(12) Centrifugal force can be greater than the force of gravity.
(13) One nice inclusion is a brief discussion of centrifugal methods in the separations chapter.
(14) Decentralization and its resulting centrifugal force have sent many managers reeling as well.
(15) In this thesis[], centrifugal spray dry is used in the preparation of granulation powder.
(16) Considerable attention is given to the action of centrifugal force in grinding wheels.
(17) The ignition system is digital controlled in centrifugal spark advance , simple in construction and is able to satisfy the demand of all kinds of engine' s ignition system.
(18) The division of Europe into warring blocs produces ever - increasing centrifugal stress.
(19) The Merovingian civil wars, at least in the sixth century, were centripetal, rather than centrifugal.
(20) Powers popped his canopy, loosened his harness and was ejected by the centrifugal force.
(21) Although it was once carried out by hand, machines using centrifugal force are now used instead.
(22) Its role is to serve as a centripetal force against the centrifugal tendencies of the ministries.
(23) Earlier experiments had compared the Earth's gravitational attraction with the centrifugal force from its own rotation.
(24) Despite the powerful persuasion of such experiences, there is no centrifugal force pushing you outward as the car turns.
(25) In their absence, Nordlinger implies that conflict regulation will not occur and Lijphart's centrifugal democracy will degenerate into civil war.
(26) Late-twentieth century culture is hard enough to fathom, even if you live within its centrifugal core.
(27) It was Moxie, who was leaning against the wall beside her, seemingly spreadeagled by some centrifugal force.
(28) In theory, political parties could provide the cohesive force to balance the centrifugal influences of a fragmented committee system.
(29) The material to send in the whet room directly, adopt special stir to anticipate centrifugal wing wheel to separate compellable inlet pulp the machine.
(30) The shearing test and dynamic separating oil property test for the grease in different temperatures have been made by centrifugal separating oil tester and roller tester.
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