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Carbonaceous in a sentence

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Sentence count:55Posted:2018-01-06Updated:2018-01-06
Similar words: carbonaracarbonatecarbonatedcarbonationbicarbonatesodium carbonatecalcium carbonatecarbonMeaning: [‚kɑːbəʊ'neɪʃəs]  adj. relating to or consisting of or yielding carbon. 
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1. These appear to be pieces of carbonaceous asteroids.
2. The carbonaceous chondrites not only are weaker but also vary greatly in strength.
3. Comets and carbonaceous asteroids of the appropriate energy disrupt too high, whereas typical iron objects reach and crater the terrestrial surface.
4. Similarly, granting a carbonaceous object the strength of a stony asteroid would allow it to penetrate to comparable altitudes.
5. The very weak carbonaceous meteorites often fall as showers of tiny fragments with masses of grams.
6. The first is to have the carbonaceous meteorites derive directly from low-speed near-Earth asteroids that are extinct comet cores.
7. Therefore a carbonaceous asteroid, although unlikely, can not be ruled out as an explanation of the Tunguska event.
8. In deeper channels, black and highly carbonaceous muds eventually form to create anaerobic conditions.
9. There are minerals absorbing uranium: zeolite, montmorillonite, carbonaceous matter.
10. It ? ? s proved that high grade carbonaceous gold concentrate can be obtained by floatation.
11. Because some strata carbonaceous shale, the result of geophysical work was infected.
11. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
12. Some Andalusite crystals have carbonaceous inclusions, arranged so that in cross - section they form a dark cross.
13. The complicated structures and various forms of carbonaceous mesophase make the raw materials and production process involved more complicated.
14. Coal is a rock composed principally of organic carbonaceous macerals and inorganic minerals.
15. Carbonaceous mesophase is an excellent precursor for carbon materials, especially those with high additional value.
16. The chemical compositions of the Ningqiang carbonaceous chondrite matrix and a dark rim are analysed with instrumental neutron activation method.
17. About 1 percent of all recovered meteorites are the very peculiar carbonaceous chondrite stones.
18. Much stronger are the type 2 meteors, with the physical strength of carbonaceous chondrite meteorites, which they also resemble chemically.
19. The solid residue left after baking the volatiles out of carbonaceous asteroid materials is of considerable interest in its own right.
20. Measurements of the resulting isotope ratios closely approximated those found in carbonaceous chondrite meteorites.
21. Phobos and Deimos are small, irregularly shaped bodies, generally similar to carbonaceous asteroids in color, reflectivity, and density.
22. The outer half of the belt is dominated by the C-type asteroids, very dark materials that closely resemble carbonaceous meteorites.
23. Carbon aerogels density and well - developcd nano - seale porous structure are a speeial class of carbonaceous non - crystalline materials.
24. During petroleum thermal conversion, asphaltene yields coke via the second liquid phase and the carbonaceous mesophase.
25. The microstructure and characteristics such as combustion and expansion of the carbonaceous materials - graphite, acid graphite.
26. Microdomain building theory made great progress in explaining the formation of carbonaceous mesophase, but the introduction of the non-existent stacking units of molecules is a defect of the theory.
27. The effect of different process . conditions on the porous carbonaceous adsorbents prepared by pyrolysis.
28. It is investigated that the mesoporous activated carbon used as catalyst support is fabricated from carbonaceous gel derived from petroleum asphalt.
29. This sandstone unit is commonly thick - bedded and massive, with silty and carbonaceous laminations.
30. BGBU theory was brought forward based on the former theories and can explain the formation process of carbonaceous mesophase very well.
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