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Bourgeois in a sentence

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Sentence count:197+5Posted:2016-11-10Updated:2016-12-13
Antonym: proletarianSimilar words: surgeonurgeurgenturgencysurgeryin charge offorget abouthoistMeaning: ['bʊəʒwɑː]  n. 1. a capitalist who engages in industrial commercial enterprise 2. a member of the middle class. adj. 1. (according to Marxist thought) being of the property-owning class and exploitive of the working class 2. conforming to the standards and conventions of the middle class 3. belonging to the middle class. 
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31. Their use many centuries later in sentimental comedy or bourgeois tragedy was purely artificial.
32. Both the bourgeois ideology and the proletarian false consciousness are products of particular social relations present in capitalism.
33. Embourgeoisement was irreversible; and the new bourgeois Britain could be governed successfully only through a bourgeois state.
34. I also found it hard to deal with the petty bourgeois outlook of all but a few of the girls at that private school.
35. The bourgeois family model with its breadwinning husband and dependent wife and children was thus believed to secure male work incentives.
36. The task, in short, was to use bourgeois culture against the bourgeoisie.
37. Unconsciously perhaps Jeanne was seeking to free herself from her narrow and oppressively respectable bourgeois family.
38. This, I said, would prove his commitment to overcoming his inbred bourgeois morality.
39. Could it be that the bourgeois educational system was flawed?
40. Self-improvement and upward mobility became suspect in the general Sixties backlash against bourgeois materialism.
41. The inhabitants are known for being bourgeois, inward- looking, and conservative.
42. But the age of bourgeois triumph was precisely not one of revolutions nor even popular mass political movements.
43. Gramsci also acknowledged the dynamism of bourgeois individualism, but advocated a redirection of that energy to mass culture.
44. From 1927 onwards, the objective was no longer solely not to be a loser by achieving bourgeois academic success.
45. It is clearly a bourgeois drama and takes place in an upper middle-class home in the environs of London.
46. The second source of error is the preoccupation with repression as the task of the agencies of the bourgeois class.
47. Still, the existence and even reinforcement of the ideal-type bourgeois family in this period is significant.
48. We consider bingo in Plaistow. Fringe theatre in Islington is too bourgeois.
49. You have failed in your attempt to convince me of the coincidence between the bourgeois and the human.
50. Pius remained implacably opposed to the assumptions of liberal bourgeois civilization.
51. The rich peasant was not a bourgeois, and neither was the white-collar employee.
52. The Tories' overwhelming victory in 1987 appeared to set the seal upon the triumph of bourgeois capitalism.
53. The crucial point is that the structure of the bourgeois family flatly contradicted that of bourgeois society.
54. It is also appropriate therefore, to theorise lawyers as organic intellectuals of the bourgeois class.
55. They all tried to get into his good graces, even writers who wrote for the bourgeois papers, even the Hebraists.
56. The mid-Victorian bourgeois was swathed in garments, leaving little publicly visible except the face, even in the tropics.
57. The degree of capitalist development implied the momentum of a bourgeois revolution.
58. Bourgeois ideology takes over the legitimizing functions of traditional society and thereby keeps power relations inaccessible to analysis and public consciousness.
59. At the pleasure of a couple of bourgeois we get a world war, in which twenty million people die.
60. Check any narrow-minded seriousness at the door with your urban trench coat and get ready for an absolute annihilation of bourgeois civility.
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