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Azeotropic in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2020-09-16Updated:2020-09-16
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1) One calls this azeotropic composition.
2) In the reaction of sulfonation, the azeotropic water removing, sulfuric acid was used as sulfonating agent.
3) To solve these problems, we proposed azeotropic mixture auto - cascade heat pump in this thesis.
4) N-ethylpiperazine and monoethanolamine were separated by the heterogenous azeotropic batch distillation with p-xylene and cyclohexane as the entrainers, respectively.
5) The principle and methods azeotropic distillation drying as well as the choice of displacers were discussed.
6) The catalysts, reactor and separating methods for the azeotropic mixture in transesterification were emphasized.
7) Studies indicate that chymist coprecipitation azeotropic distillation can better prevent from hard - agglomeration and obtains homodisperse nanoparticle.
8) As a prototype of azeotropic mixture, water - ethanol system was studied experimentally.
9) Further , the azeotropic point was eliminated therefore by adding ionic liquids.
10) An improved method of synthesizing trimethyl orthoformate through azeotropic distillation by taking sodium methoxide in methanol and chloroform as raw materials has been presented by the author.
11) Virtually all liquids, when mixed and heated, will display azeotropic behaviour.
12) By controlling the hydration of alkoxide, and with n-butanol azeotropic distillation and ethanol rinsing methods,[] the preparation process of superfine titania powder was investigated in detail.
13) A new method for drying methomyl oxime based on the azeotropic principle is introduced.
14) Analyzing the three-column system of extractive distillation, two-column system adopting o-xylene as an extraction agent for separation of azeotropic methanol-dimethyl carbonate mixture is developed.
15) Both the partial condensation technique and the anhydrous ethanol reflux azeotropic distillation technique show great advantage in energy saving according to the simulation results.
16) Extractive distillation is an important and useful technique for separating close boiling and azeotropic liquid mixtures.
17) The effects of different conditions on quinoline's purity were investigated by changing the quality ratio of fraction to ethanediol and reflux ratio in the azeotropic distillation experiments.
18) A series of working fluids were judged for azeotropy, for which the azeotropic points were predicted and compared with the literature value.
19) Finally the separation of n-hexane and ethyl acetate was tested with an industrial column in a way of batch azeotropic distillation.
20) In order to separate n-hexane-ethyl acetate azeotrope , batch azeotropic distillation was often used and the entrainer played a key role in the process.
21) In this article, multiple steady states in ternary homogeneous azeotropic distillation have been studied.
22) A ternary system of butyl acrylate-butyl alcohol-water may be separated through rectification or azeotropic distillation according to the equilibrium relationship.
23) Azeotropic distillation technique is an important way to separat close-boiling or azeotropic systems, in which the flow of entrainer is an important factor to affect separation property.
24) Ethyl 1,3 oxathiolane was synthesized by the reaction of 2 mercaptoethanol and propyl aldehyde in the presence ofp toluene sulfonic acid, with benzene as azeotropic dehydrating agent.
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